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Craziest things man do when they are heart broken

Craziest things man do when they are heart broken

When a man gets heartbroken, he act some characters which you as a person can be surprise of or even ask yourself is this person really ok, so if you want to finds out what they do when they are

  1. Stay at home alone. When you see a man who is heartbroken you will find out that he is always at home alone, either on bed or chair, he can’t feel like going out or doing anything, he will always prefer to stay alone and think on what next to do to solve the issue or to move.
  2. Get board. He will always get board of everything around him especially with any girl around him, he may not even notice that there is another girl with him or around him instead he keep thinking about what happen to him.
  3. Get drunk. A heartbroken man drinks a lot because the only thing he may think of as a source of happiness is to get drunk and forget about his problem so that he can find happiness and peace of mind but at i dont think this as a good idea.
  4. Can’t work. A man who is heartbroken will always find it hard to do anything because everything around him at that time looks board to him and make him uncomfortable, so he will prefer to be left alone and think of how to fix the issue.
  5. Gets angry. He easily get angry with anybody everybody around him and will always shout at any slightest mistake you did in their front.

These are not all they do when they are heartbroken so if you think there is more or you have more pls try to put it on your comment below   

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