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Creating Sparks That Last & All Things Relationships

Creating Sparks That Last & All Things Relationships


And Healthy Relationship Tips

If you’re wondering what the secret to lasting love is, there isn’t one. You have to take the long way round. And the good news is, I’ve got 3 tips that will get you there.

How do I know? Because this year marks the 40th year my partner and I will have been together. Not married, that’ll be 37 years, but together – not yet mind you, that’ll be later on in the year.

Our relationship comes with lots of experience, so healthy relationship tips are kind of my fortè.

Here are my 3 tips for you:

• Regular dates inject new interest into your relationship. They don’t have to be expensive outings, in fact they don’t even have to be outings, but they do have to be something out of the ordinary.

• My second healthy relationship tip is to have the awkward conversation. Repeatedly, until the issue is fully resolved. This may take months, intermittently and you will continue to have issues needing discussion, just keep at it. Preferably on neutral ground during a walk or a coffee stop, not when either of you are frazzled, shopping or driving.

• Last but not least, set your own boundaries. Both of you need to know your own selves so well that you know your triggers, know what sets you off and what behaviors you simply will not tolerate. Verbalise them clearly so that there is no room for misunderstanding.

And there you have it; my 3 proven tips that will set you on the long road to a healthy relationship and lasting love.

Let’s move on to lighter things, shall we?

News for the month of April

My two reads for this month were the same, but different. Both books spoke of lasting love and healthy relationships; neither ended with the main couple together (these are not spoilers, it is in the synopsis).

One was from the male’s perspective with dual timelines of young love to older love and the other was from the female’s perspective processing trauma within a relationship.

Both stories guide us through the rollercoaster process of holding on and letting go; to hurts, memories and love that lasts forever.

I did say we’d move onto lighter things and we didn’t quite get there because both these books are deep and thought-provoking. You might even find some healthy relationship tips in them, in fact I know you will.

Okay, NOW on to lighter things.

Easter was a blast for me this year! In the build-up, I had such fun mailing Easter goodies to my grandies because I wasn’t going to be seeing them, unfortunately.

However, I did have the wonderful joy of seeing my younger son who drove up to us. During his stay we shopped at a Rebooted Market which we both love doing and I came away with a pedestal bowl which I’ve DIY’d into a bird bath.

We also shopped at our local monthly market and both came away with lush plants. PLUS, we shopped at a nursery where we both came away with even more plants. To say I was in my element would be an understatement!

We did appease dear husband who gamely followed our exploits, with a trip out onto the lake in the boat. A bit of fascinating birdwatching as they swooped to catch fish, a bit of coffee sipping and chatting and we were all blissfully satisfied.

To my absolute delight, my eldest son and his family surprised us with a weekend visit! So I got to see them and my grandies after all. We had the best fun playing ball, gardening (yes they love digging in the dirt too!) and taking long walks in the park! Even the two fur-kids played together and they are cat and dog buddies.

That’s some healthy relationship stuff right there; relationships aren’t only about romance, they actually incorporate every area of our lives.

For context, we live a four hour drive away from both our children so it is such an honour to have them visit.

Writing news:

I finally have my new laptop and my Rustic Writers Shed up and running, so my next book is coming along splendidly. Love and Laughter (And other disasters), do indeed prevail with the village being brought together by the enigmatic black cat that roams the neighbourhood. I love how the midlife romcom is coming together and am having so much fun people-watching as I collect fodder for my community of characters.

My other manuscript, Forest of Sun and Shadows, is complete and has been since NaNoWriMo so I am now in the stages of finding the right editor for my story. It has some triggers so I have to be sensitive for the right fit.

As expected, both manuscripts cover relationship turmoil and resolution as that is my interest area to write about. I love nothing better than seeing relationships flourish through trials and tribulations that they have overcome.

On that note, I’ll encourage you to join our monthly at-home date ideas newsletter at no cost. I make suggestions for easy non-demanding moments where you and your partner focus exclusively on each other. This makes room for deeper understanding and greater growth closer together.

On a final note, I’d like your opinion on this month’s blog post. You’ll notice I haven’t used images this time because I’d like to know from you if you found the flow of reading better without the images. Let me know in a comment below.

Until next time x



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