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Daer Ladies Don’t Allow Any Man To Do These Things To You.

Finding a beautiful lady to be in a dating relationship with is not a bad idea because a journey of thousands of miles starts with a step. 

While making efforts to enjoy your relationship with your girlfriend is important to be; 

1) BE SURE BEFORE YOU ASK HER OUT. It’s very terrible to see a young man in a Relationship, and when you ask him what he wants from the Lady and the Relationship, he can’t give you a straight answer.
Some will tell you “I’m still thinking about it”. Everyone in a relationship needs to know the destination the relationship is heading to heading as this will avoid heartbreak. How can you be in a relationship for 2 years without knowing where you are heading to? Be sure about her Ethnicity or Religion and how your family will welcome her on the first day of the visit. Be sure about your Genotype compatibility as well. 
Watch, Look at everything First, Physical, Social, Financial, Spiritual, and otherwise. 
Pray about it as you and her are getting to know each other well. Be convinced that she is the bone of your bone. Before you now ask a lady out, otherwise, you may end up wasting her time. These are the first steps to take if you want to have a successful relationship. 

2) BE HONEST ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP. (DON’T GIVE HER FALSE HOPE). I counseled a lady some months back, her ex-boyfriend wasted her 2 years and was apologizing, will an apology bring back her wasted 2 years?
One of the challenges faced in the relationship is that his Mother never liked the lady, but he kept assuring her that he could do something and that he would marry her, so she waited, at the end, he succumbed to his mother’s pressure not to marry the lady, and the lady was left to bite the dust. Parental acceptance is one of the challenges faced by many people in their choice of spouse, deal with this challenge and save her time and emotional trauma. 

3) LEAVE HER BODY OUT OF IT. Yes Sir, don’t go there at all. Making love with her would complicate issues. Without lovemaking, your brain and heart will process what they want from her faster and do so unbiasedly. Also, it will make her understand that you are not just after her body. 

4) AVOID UNREALISTIC GOALS. I must buy a Car First before doing anything that has to do with relationships. I must build a house first thinking about marriage.
“I must do this, I must do that… ” and she will enter Menopause, you will then start saying that she’s too old for you to marry her, Do you want someone younger to marry after wasting her time? 

5) AVOID LONG COURTSHIP. Don’t put a ring on a lady’s finger when you are not ready to Marry her in a few months, a maximum of a Year. The long engagement ring on her finger can be considered love slavery or a love cage. An engagement Ring is not bad but leaving it for too long is bad, if you are not ready for marriage, let her be instead of caging her with the engagement ring. 

Don’t make any Lady Lord of the Rings. If you aren’t ready, clear the road for those that are ready to marry her. 

Written by Musa Gift, a relationship and marriage therapist.

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