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dealing with a breakup or divorce

Dealing with a breakup or divorce can be hard work. You will likely be feeling stressed and emotional beyond what feels manageable. Whatever the reason for the end, whether you wanted it to end or not, it can turn your world upside down and trigger so many painful emotions. Even if you know the relationship weren’t good, you may be convincing yourself it was. Perhaps you know deep down it wasn’t right for you but that doesn’t change how hurt you are feeling.

Here are some tips from our relationship and breakup expert to help you cope:

  1. Allow your feelings to exist. Realise that it is normal that you are experiencing some sadness, anger, confusion, relief and feeling drained. It is a whole rollercoaster of a grief process so allow yourself to experience each stage and try to sit with those feelings however challenging this may feel.
  2. Be kind to yourself. Try not to expect yourself to be doing all the things you usually would. If you can’t climb the mountain one day, climb a hill instead. It is normal to lose motivation to do things you normally would at this time so try to do the things you can and be kind to yourself about the rest.
  3. Remember who you are. There were things you loved doing, people you loved spending time with and goals you had set for yourself. Rebuild the relationship you have with yourself instead of focusing on the one with your ex. You will soon remember how worth it you are!
  4. Don’t do it alone. You may have friends and family around and this will be somewhat helpful. However, talking to a professional can offer you the structure and support you need to get through this effectively.

If you are dealing with a breakup or divorce, you can book a FREE telephone session with us here.

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