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Destination Wedding VS Local Wedding: Which one is the right choice?

A wedding is an important event in everyone’s life that requires proper planning. Nowadays, wedding trends are undergoing a lot of changes due to various factors. A wedding event or ceremony involves two categories-Destination wedding & local wedding. But which one is better? This is the question asked by many people and they should know more about each wedding in detail.

What is a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding is a way to celebrate a wedding in an exotic destination which is away from a city or town. In fact, it gives opportunities to spice up things for guests enabling them to remember the event for a long-time. Destination weddings are gaining popularity over recent years because they provide ways to get more excitement in life. They tend to invite only a few close friends and family relatives that can reduce the expenses. Another thing about a destination wedding is that it allows a couple to celebrate their honeymoon. There are several hotels that offer destination wedding packages at affordable prices.

Destination Wedding

What is a Local Wedding?

A local wedding is usually held in local venues or nearby venues that consist of several quests. There are several customs and practices involved in a local wedding that will cost more than a destination wedding. Besides that, the wedding covers receptions and other things which exactly fulfill the expectations of guests. A family member or wedding planner will help manage a local wedding with ease.

Local Wedding

Things to consider when deciding between a destination wedding and a local wedding-


Budget is the biggest factor to consider in a destination wedding. This is because tickets, food, accommodation, and transport may become costly after choosing a destination. At the same time, a local wedding is safer when it comes to transport and accommodation. A local vendor will offer discounts for customers enabling them to save more money.



A destination wedding needs advanced planning for organizing an event with ease. Moreover, it becomes difficult to hire wedding vendors for destination weddings. It is possible to conduct a local wedding with vendors that can help to experience peace of mind.

Wedding Planning

Meal Choices

The choices of meals may vary when it comes to both weddings. Therefore, it is advisable to work with the caterers to make sure that the guests meet special dietary needs with delicious tastes.

Meal Choices

Seating Capacity

Whether it is a destination wedding or local wedding, people should determine the number of guests for accommodating them accordingly. One should evaluate the options available for dinner and reception arrangements.


Which one is a better wedding?

Both weddings have their own set of pros and cons. It is not possible to determine what kind of wedding is the best one for a person. They all depend on budgets, choices, transport, convenience, and other factors. Before selecting a wedding, one should make complete research about them from different sources that can help get more ideas. Also, guests can have a special time at a wedding which they don’t ever forget.

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