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Do Electric Bikes Need Special Chains?

Do Electric Bikes Need Special Chains?

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A common question that arises when you are looking to buy a bike is if it is suitable for an electric bike. Electric bikes have specific requirements and needs that are not found in traditional bikes. Getting the right chain is one of the most important parts of an electric bike, so we will answer this question for you.


The difference between standard and electric bikes


There are a few key differences between standard and electric bikes that affect what kind of chain you need. Standard bikes use human power to rotate the pedals, which in turn spins the crankset and moves the chain. Electric bikes have a motor that does the work of pedaling for you. This means that electric bike chains don’t have to be as strong as those on standard bikes because they don’t have to withstand as much force.


Another difference is that electric bike chains often have to deal with higher speeds and more torque than standard bike chains. This is because electric motors can provide more power than human legs can, so they can spin the crankset faster and put more force on the chain. As a result, electric bike chains tend to be thicker and wider than standard bike chains. They also often have special links that can handle the higher speeds and forces without coming apart.


How to use different chains on your bike?


Assuming you are referring to a chain for a standard bicycle, there are several ways to use different chains on your bike. Bike chain keeps falling off? The most common is to simply remove the old chain and install a new one. This can be done by hand but is often easier with a chain tool.


Another way to change chains is to replace just the inner links. This is usually done by removing two links from the old chain and adding two links to the new chain. The disadvantage of this method is that it leaves the old chain shorter, which can make it more difficult to re-install later.


A third option is to replace just the outer links. This has the advantage of not changing the length of either chain, but it does require special tools and can be more time-consuming.

Do Electric Bikes Need Special Chains?

What are the advantages of using an electric bike?


Electric bikes have a motor and battery that assist the rider with pedaling. The motor helps to make riding up hills and headwinds easier, and can also give you a boost when starting from a stop. Electric bikes typically have a higher top speed than regular bicycles, making them better for commuting or getting around town. They also don’t require any special chains – the chain on an electric bike is the same as a regular bicycle chain.


How are electric bikes powered?


Electric bikes are powered by a battery, which is usually located in the frame. The battery provides power to a motor, which then turns the wheel. There are two types of electric bikes: pedal assist and throttle. 


Pedal-assist electric bikes have sensors that detect when you are pedaling and provide power accordingly. This power can come from either a mid-drive motor, which is located near the pedals or a hub motor, which is located in the wheel. Throttle electric bikes do not have sensors and instead have a throttle that you twist to give power to the motor. Both types of electric bikes can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.


Are electric bikes worth it?


There are a few things to consider when determining if electric bikes are worth the investment. The first is the price tag—electric bikes can be expensive, and it’s important to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. The second is whether or not you actually need an electric bike. If you live in a flat area and don’t have to deal with hills, an electric bike might not be necessary. Third, think about how often you’ll use the bike. If you only ride occasionally, an electric bike might not be worth the hassle.


On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons why electric bikes are worth the investment. First, they’re great for people who have trouble riding traditional bikes—the motor gives you a boost so you can pedal more easily. Second, electric bikes are environmentally friendly—they don’t produce emissions as gas-powered vehicles do. Finally, electric bikes are simply fun to ride! If you enjoy biking and want to try something new, an electric bike is definitely worth considering.




No, electric bikes do not need special chains. In fact, they can use the same chain as a regular bike. The only thing you need to be aware of is that electric bikes have higher torque and can put more stress on the chain, so it is important to choose a good quality chain that is designed for electric bikes. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

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