Friday, January 5, 2024


To avoid being taken unawares by banditry and robbery by gangs of over fifty street urchins marauding the streets of Ogun State and Lagos State Communities which is believed to be stirred by hunger and lack of finance caused by the lockdown.

A group of armed gangs is intruding on stores and warehouses leaving in their trail, tears, sorrow, and blood, due to this menace all residents of every street and Estate should consider being their security every day from 7 pm through 10 pm to assess the security situation of their neighborhood.

Such gatherings shall take cognizance of the social distancing rule of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19. Both landlords and tenants shall participate and residents who own security dogs should release the service of their dogs as they will be required to attack the said bandits in your various communities. Residents or Landlords who own rifles such as army, navy, or a member of any other armed forces should be active with their rifles should the need arise.

The owner of any dog lost in active service should be compensated by the Estate or community, with this, nobody will feel cheated or have been taken for granted for being committed in the service of the Estate or community.

The purpose of this dictum is to make sure that everyone, both landlords and tenants participates in vigilante activities during the period of lockdown in light of the security breaches of the last few days which seem to have overwhelmed the Police.

There should be coordinators who will ensure compliance by both landlords and tenants. Waiting for the police to come to your rescue is not awful but protecting yourself is very crucial and that simply means “community policing”.

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