Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Emotional Agility – Ouso Escrever

It has been a long time since I wrote my last article on ‘Ouso Escrever’. Teaching took all my time, in a positive way for sure, but I also felt like not having anything to say. Curiously enough, thoughts emerged in my head after hearing some people in the coffee shop talking about life and relationships, reminding me of Susan David’s “People these days have dead people’s goals” quote because they don’t want to risk anything or get any trouble from life. Isn’t that an impossible task to achieve? False positivity is feeding an intrinsic false sense of self and perfection myth.

It is also curious how people who face hardships are usually emotional triggers to their peers who live on the surface. One explanation is the more we live and fiercely overcome those unpleasant experiences, the more aware and contestatory we become. The second explanation is the level of avoidism that our society is living now. We avoid feelings at all costs. We avoid substantial parts of ourselves to please our surroundings.

Let’s pause today and let our true emotions syinc in.

With Love,


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