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Erotic kissing

Erotic kissing is one of the most significant ways to spicy up a romantic relationship. But due to people focused more on how to do better on the bed. Or how to make your man or your woman climax, forgotten that erotic kissing can also go a long way in achieving that.

Erotic kissing is very powerful when it comes to changing the atmosphere from neutral to a romantic one. It helps in bringing up the tension or the arousal in you, even your partner, in Inorder to perform more better on the bed.

There are many ways to achieve erotic kissing. You can only know those ways if you carefully go through this article, for it is specifically designed to give you the steps on how to have an erotic kiss.

Erotic kissing. Steps

  1. Take a shower
  2. Dress sexy
  3. Wear a nice perfume
  4. Set the mood
  5. Start an erotic conversation.
  6. Add some flirty acts.
  7. Draw more closer to your partner
  8. Be comfortable
  9. Focus your mind on the act
  10. Kiss deeply and slowly
  11. Kiss other parts of the body
  12. Make use of your two hands
  13. Make some noise of pleasure
  14. Do not rush it; stay long.

Here are the steps to follow in Inorder to achieve van erotic kissing. It includes-

This is very important. Before you want to practice erotic kissing, you should, first of all, consider taking your shower. For it will give you a relaxingly moment, and your body will also be ready at any time because there will be no problem with body scratch or heat. Your breathing will be natural and equipped. So showering up is the first step to take. And do not forget to brush your teeth very well with a nourishing toothpaste with a pleasant smell.


You need to dress sexy to attract whoever you want to kiss erotically. Even if you are a man or a woman, there’s always a way in which you will dress that will attract the closeness of the person you are trying to kiss. As a man, wear something like a neat and colorful boxer, and singlet. Something that will bring out your masculine shape and let it be tempting. And as a woman, put on something very sexy that a man cannot resist after setting his eyes on you. Your dressing alone can trigger the urge for erotic kissing. So consider that also.


Wear a lovely perfume that will give you a sweet smell. Take your time and select a better fragrance that will last on your body as long as you two are together. If you notice that he or she has mastered the smell of your perfume, try buying another one, or you can mix two or three perfume so that he or she cannot be able to identify the one that you are using. And do not forget to get a better perfume that smells good. The reason is that, on the process of perceiving the smell on your body, he or she will be impressed, especially if the perfume snarls very good. It will then make the kissing to be more erotic and deeper. It will even last longer as well.


Setting the mood means that you should let him or her know your intentions, but not that you will speak, but through your arrangements and actions, you will give him or her the hints of what is about to come, for instance. You can put on music, a piece of romantic music that will keep the mood on and ready. You can as well light on some candles with a well-arranged environment. With that, the feeling is set, and everything will take place as soon as a little closeness comes. Try it and confirm it.


  • Start an erotic conversation.

Startup an erotic conversation with the person. You both can share your feelings and how well you both can be on bed or emotional. Any discussion that is capable of setting the environment on a peak. A conversation that can trigger some kind of urge in both of you. A conversation that is capable of turning you both on even without doing anything at the moment. Such a discussion is what you should try and welcome at that moment. With the music, the pleasure will gradually Flow.


Add some flirty Acts, means flirting with your partner. Whether a girl or a guy. Flirt by touching him or her while talking, or you can even make some kind of intimacy, but you shouldn’t go too far so as not to post him off or her depending. Just watch his or her face or reaction in any way. Understand his or her body language to know when to go a little faster and when to slow down so as not to scatter what you have worked for.


  • Draw more closer to your partner

Draw more closer even much that you can quickly meet with his or her mouth as if it’s was a mistake. You can hold him or her if you notice a kind of acceptance to your actions. You can dream her more closer to you and Gam your forehead on hers or him depending. Do not kiss immediately. Instead, hold on to that for some seconds before plastering a butterfly kiss on her mouth at first. The same thing goes to a woman, if your man is a shy type, you can break the silence first, and believe me, he will join you immediately.


Be comfortable. Do not panic or act as if you have done the wrong thing. Provided that you are connected to the person emotionally. And he or she also feels the same as you. To achieve erotic kissing, you must try to be comfortable at any time to flow with the moves and enjoy the pleasure in it.


  • Focus your mind on the act

Concentration is also one of the keys to achieving what you are looking for. Erotic kissing goes with attention or focus. If your mind is not there, there’s no way you will enjoy the mood. It will be an ordinary kiss. No pleasure will be found in it. So while kissing erotically, you should concentrate and focus your mind on it to understand the movement and know when to change position.


Kiss deeply and slowly. Do not be shy about doing it. Deep kissing can make your time an enjoyable one, and it also shows that you enjoyed whatever you are getting, and your partner will be happy too, knowing that you are not rejecting him or her. It gives trust too.


  • Kiss other parts of the body

Do not only kiss the mouth, instead move to other parts of his or her body. You can kiss his stomach, breasts, cheeks, ears, and even as many as you want, the same thing is also applicable to the guys. Change direction and have yourself fully enjoyed by both of you.


  • Make use of your two hands.

You are indeed kissing with your mouth and not your hands, but there’s this pleasure that you will get if you romance while kissing. You can only achieve a better romancing if you make use of your hands. So you see, kissing without romancing doesn’t give you what you wanted. Bridges have done important pleasure that is needed in kissing. Try it, you will understand.


  • Make some noise of pleasure.

Make some romantic noise that shows that you are enjoying what is going on. If you just keep quiet without making some romantic noise, it will be as if you are not enjoying it, and your partner may feel unwanted or unvalued.


  • Do not rush it; stay long.

It is better not to rush it. So you should take it slow and steadily achieve everything you wanted in erotic kissing.

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