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Everything You Need To Know About Guardian Angels

Do you want to learn more about the hierarchy of guardian angels? Are you interested in educating yourself on whether you have a guardian angel watching over you? Despite the sciences, the world is full of things that math, logic, or physics can’t explain.

Everyone has something or someone watching out for them. The only difference lies in what we call them or know them by. 55% of Americans say they believe in angels. Other people recognize them as divine protectors or guardian spirits.

Below, we’ll discuss all that you need to know about guardian angels.

What Is a Guardian Angel?

All religions and cultures recognize that there is a higher power that protects each one of us. For some, like in Chinese beliefs, for example, they are energies rather than beings. Most know of these protective powers as guardian angels.

Your guardian angel protects and watches out for you. It guides you away from suffering and pain that you don’t need to experience to grow as a person. In some beliefs, you have more than one guardian angel at your side.

Some people believe that they are part of the nine orders of angels in Christian angelology. Other faiths are certain that God can send your guardian angel from your side to help you through suffering. Often, this kind of suffering also holds a purpose that will help you develop.

Roles of Guardian Angels

Other than act as your spiritual bodyguard, guardian angels also do many other things.

Because they are spiritual forces, humans cannot see them. Yet, they may manifest in our dreams to deliver messages. A guardian angel can also send a spiritual dragon to your aid.

Guardian angels can also strengthen you against temptation. They’re always by your side and are always looking to drive demons away. Even non-believers have guardian angels that protect them.

Because of this, they can also save you from trouble or accidents. These angels can embolden you to share the Word or to live by your faith. They can push you to the path that God laid out for you.

As we mentioned, they can appear in dreams to deliver messages to you. Often, they do the opposite, which is to deliver your messages to God. They’ll also bring your needs to God and aid in your salvation.

Guardian Angel Prayer

Like God, you can call upon your guardian angel to protect you or give you strength. You can do this through prayer. You can use the Prayer for My Guardian Angel to call upon your guardian angel.

Through prayer, you can also thank your guardian angel for its protection and guidance. You can also pray to God to thank your guardian angel for the spiritual security it provides you.

You can also call upon your guardian angel through personal prayers if you prefer them.

Reach Your Ultimate Goal With Your Guardian Angel at Your Side

That ends our guide on what guardian angels are and the roles they play in each person’s life. We hope you learned from the list of guardian angel signs we included.

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