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Everything You Need To Know About Sharing Internet For Money

Imagine getting paid for sharing the mobile data plan or home internet bandwidth that goes unused every month. Internet-for-money apps run on your device’s background, monitoring your bandwidth consumption to retrieve leftover internet data. The app calculates and records your earnings per the predetermined price-per-GB data. You can then exchange your earnings for cryptocurrency, cash, or gift cards.

Sharing Your Internet: Must-Know Details

The current global internet penetration is 62.5%, with over 5 billion people on Wi-Fi and mobile internet data plans. With so much internet data floating around nowadays, which most people rarely exhaust, much of it goes unexploited. The good news is you can monetize your leftover internet bandwidth. Here is some important information related to sharing your bandwidth for cash.

You Need a Compatible Device (PC/Mobile device)

Money-for-internet applications need a host, usually a mobile device or PC. Most apps consume minimal device storage but will only operate on some PCs and smartphones.

Every bandwidth-sharing website will specify the supported device requirements. Always check the compatibility of your device with the internet-sharing platform. Installing the application on an unsupported device may affect your earnings, as it won’t run efficiently. Most applications often support Android, Windows, and iOS devices. Make sure the app is suitable for computer or mobile phone.

Where to Find a Credible Internet-Sharing Application  

The most important requirement to earn money sharing your bandwidth is the app itself. The app you pick determines whether you’ll make money for sharing your bandwidth. Though dozens of apps claim to pay you for sharing your internet bandwidth, some can’t be trusted.

Top-rated and credible internet-sharing applications outline their terms and conditions clearly on their websites. Companies in this trade will have mobile apps downloadable from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Look for customer testimonials and app ratings on these Check app stores. If an application has multiple negative reviews and low ratings, avoid it.

A Strong Internet Connection: The Easiest Way to Earn Passive Income

If it isn’t clear by now, internet-sharing apps rely heavily on internet connections. Whether it’s a mobile data plan or a home internet connection, the link should be strong enough to keep the application running. Remember, your earnings depend more on the hours the app runs daily and the total amount of data shared.

If you spend lots of time online and are always connected to a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, sharing your leftover internet for money will earn you more. Most apps pay according to the amount of bandwidth transferred, with the best-paying applications offering $0.20 per GB of internet data transmitted.

The most significant benefit of this gig is that you don’t have to invest anything to earn. Since you already have a device and internet connection, you’re all set. You won’t have to do anything for the app to generate your passive income, nor will you lose anything for permitting the application to run on your device. The only requirement is installing and keeping the application running.

However, do not be too quick to settle for any app that promises to generate income whenever you share your bandwidth. Some applications have a terrible reputation for breaching the codes of conduct by harvesting your data without your permission.

Focus on Privacy and Security  

If you choose a credible app to share your internet for money, you won’t have to worry about your privacy and security. The apps don’t access your computer’s or smartphone’s storage. It won’t have access to your contacts, messages, or other personal information on your device. These apps only store information it needs to track and retrieve your unused bandwidth, including your account information and IP address.

You must verify your identity and accept having your internet usage monitored as long as the app is running. However, ensure the application doesn’t contain spyware, malware, or adware and won’t share your data with third parties.


Selling your internet is one of the more legitimate ways to earn passive income. It’s like renting your computer or smartphone for a fee, with the only requirement being it needs to be turned on and connected to a stable internet connection. Always research internet-sharing apps, and don’t fall for scams, which run aplenty.

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