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Exercise during pregnancy
Exercise during pregnancy

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Exercise during pregnancy is very nice for it can improve health and reduce the risk of back pain as well as reducing the risk of excessive weight gain. Exercise can also help you in delivery because it makes it easier. Exercise can make the newborn baby to have a healthier start.

Importance of exercise

• Exercise can improve your heart health and stamina.
• It can decrease fatigue.
• It can also decrease constipation, it boost mood and energy levels.
• It enhances sleep, and improves the strength muscle.
• It helps in the circulation of blood round the veins.

For a pregnant woman, a well chosen exercise program can have the same benefits during your period of pregnancy.
But it is important to discuss the type of exercise that is good for you with your health adviser or your doctor to be sure you engage on the right exercise at the right stage of pregnancy.

Suitable exercise to keep you fit and healthy during pregnancy.

Brisk walking,
Indoor stationary cycling,
Prenatal yoga, and
Low-impact aerobics, guided by a professional in aerobic exercise.

1. Swimming

Swimming and walking in water, and other aqua aerobics provides health benefits throughout your pregnancy period.
Exercising in water and swimming provides a better range of motion without putting pressure on the joints. It is a nice exercise for a pregnant woman for it has no pressure and no stress. It’s a stress free exercise for a pregnant woman. “Exercise during pregnancy”

Tips to achieve that:

Make sure to Choose a stroke that feels comfortable, and that does not strain or hurt your neck, shoulders, or back muscles,
for instance, make use of breaststroke. A kickboard can also help to strengthen the leg and buttock muscles.
Again, use the railing for balance when you want to enter the water, to prevent slipping.
Do not dive or jump, as it could impact the abdomen.
Avoid warm pools, steam rooms, hot tubs, and saunas, so as to minimize the risk of overheating.

2. Brisk walking

A stroll around the neighborhood is a good way to start up with your exercise. For it will provide a cardiovascular workout without too much stress on the knees and ankles. This is a very easy and free exercise to do for it can be done at any where and also at any time of pregnancy.

Tips to achieve that:

As pregnancy progresses, your center of gravity changes, and you can lose your sense of balance and coordination. Make sure to choose a smooth surface without any potholes, rocks and any other obstacles that may affect you or wound your legs. Put on a supportive footwear.

3. Stationary cycling

Stationary cycling which can also be called spinning, is also a very nice exercise because, Cycling on a stationary bike, is normally safe even for first-time exercisers. It helps to raise the heart rate without putting too much stress on the joints. It helps to support body weight and due to it is stationary, the risk of falling is low. “Exercise during pregnancy”

Tips to achieve that:

Choose a comfortable bike, and make sure to avoid a rough surface. Be on a low speed so as to control the break.

4. Pre-natal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is also a nice pregnancy exercise for it tends to keep the joints limber and help maintain flexibility.
Yoga helps to strengthen the muscles, also stimulates blood circulation, and enhances relaxation. Which may contribute to a healthy blood pressure during pregnancy.
All those techniques that are been taught in yoga class can help you to stay calm and be in control during labor.

Tips to achieve that:

As pregnancy progresses, skip positions that could cause you to overbalance. Choose a better yoga class and do not force yourself to learn.
As the class goes on. It is better to avoid lying on the abdomen or flat on the back, because lying on the back can cause the weight of the fetus and the uterus to put pressure on major veins and arteries and can also decrease the flow of blood to the heart.
Note. Overstretching could lead to injury.

5. Low-impact aerobics

Low impact aerobics excludes
High kicks,
Fast running,
Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and lungs and helps maintain muscle tone.
In low-impact exercise, one foot should stay on the ground at all times.

Low impact aerobics helps to-

Limit stress on the joints
helps maintain balance
reduces the risk of weakening the pelvic floor muscles
A weak pelvic floor increases the chances of urine leakage.

Some aerobics classes are designed especially for pregnant women. And it can be a good way to meet other pregnant women, as well as exercising with an instructor who is well trained to meet your specific needs.
When attending aerobics exercises, you should let the instructor or the professional know that you are pregnant so as to know the type of exercise to give you. So that you will not go there and involve yourself with something you can’t handle.

In conclusion

Exercise during pregnancy is very important and it tends to provide a better health for your baby and you. But do not do a high exercise that is above your level of pregnancy. Make sure to consult you health care adviser if you notice any changes.

Drop your contributions and comments on the comments section if you have any.

“Exercise during pregnancy”

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