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Father Of 3 Killed In Parking Dispute Outside Northeast Charlotte Bar, Family Says

Father Of 3 Killed In Parking Dispute Outside Northeast Charlotte Bar, Family Says

CHARLOTTE – A father of three died in a shooting that took place outside a bar located in northeast Charlotte.

The incident occurred just before 3 am on Sunday, near North Tryon Street. Hunter Saenz of Channel 9 asked the victim’s relatives about the parking dispute on Monday.

The family of Josue Martin said that he had left La Zima Bar and was walking to his car, which was parked in the lot next door. He was allegedly found by a parking attendant booting his truck when the gunfire started.

Channel 9 has obtained surveillance footage that shows the shooting. Someone in a hoodie paced the parking lot moments before the shooting and adjusted a fallen towing sign. The victim then comes out of the pub and confronts the suspect.

A Mickey Mouse plush animal was placed on the spot where Martinez had been shot.

Saenz’s wife Glendy said, “He was calm and responsible.”

She returned to the area after her husband’s death on Monday due to his injuries.

Glendy stated, “The last day we spent together is all I have left of him.”

Oliver Navarro is Martinez’s nephew. They left La Zima Bar early on Sunday morning and went to their truck, which was parked next door. He said that they had seen someone put a boot on the vehicle.

“Then he told them to leave his vehicle alone, and that’s where the argument began,” Navarro stated.

Gunshots were fired during the argument. The police said Martinez and another male were both shot. Saenz was curious if the other man was the one who had booted his car. He called the number listed on the signs in the area to find out. The company said that their employee was recovering, but refused to comment further.

Saenz noticed a detective watching surveillance footage at the beauty supply store where Martinez had parked. Saenz also noticed a bullethole in the side panel of Martinez’s vehicle.

Glendy Martinez was shocked that her husband had left and demanded accountability.

She said, “I want justice served.” How will I explain to my daughter why dad won’t be back?

Police have not yet said whether anyone will be charged in this case.

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