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Father’s Day Sale 2023 – Last-Minute Gifts Under $30 | Discover What’s Next

My Dad is really cheap. Growing up, these were his favorite sayings: 

“Do you think money grows on trees?!”
“Turn the lights off, do you have stock in the electric company?”
“Go outside and play… it’s FREE!”

Needless to say, he LOVES today’s theme of 14 stellar Father’s Day gifts all for $30 or less! 

P.S. Father’s Day is June 18th! Consider placing your order today so these great gifts arrive in time.

Grommet Father's Day Sale 2023

Pocket Socks are the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and functionality for Dad!

Ordinary socks are forgettable, but Pocket Socks are anything but! These socks bring together style, comfort, and functionality in an exceptional way. With numerous designs to choose from, you’ll find the ideal pair to reflect your dad’s individuality. 

The hidden pocket is a game-changer, offering a secure spot for his valuables, especially during travels. Watch Dad’s eyes light up as he dons a pair that declares his well-deserved title of the “Best Dad Ever!”
The deal: Evan, Pocket Socks founder, has several special offers for Father’s Day! Get 25% off + FREE shipping on orders $58+ with sign-up.

Buy from Pocket Socks

ThinOptics are so slim and portable, they’ll go with Dad anywhere his phone does!

They easily fit into a pocket, briefcase, wallet, or on the back of his phone (the most common use). They’re durable and shatterproof meaning they’ll survive drops and falls like nothing ever happened. With these, Dad will NEVER have to worry about forgetting his glasses again.

Whether he’s at work, at a restaurant, or on a trip, ThinOptics will always be within reach. These glasses are sleek, modern, and sophisticated, helping Dad look good no matter what he’s wearing.

The deal: ThinOptics are a STEAL this Father’s Day at just $19.99! (No coupon code required.)

Buy from ThinOptics

3. ScreenKlean: This carbon-charged tool gives Dad NASA-level cleaning power

Now, you might be thinking, “A screen cleaner for Father’s Day? Really?”

But this isn’t just any screen cleaner. It features the same technology NASA astronauts use to keep their equipment clean in space.

ScreenKlean uses advanced carbon technology pads that don’t just wipe over dirt and grime, they actually attract, grab, and hold onto it. Instead of smearing and smudging like typical cloths, ScreenKlean removes the dirt and oil from screens, leaving behind a sparkling, crystal-clear HD display.

ScreenKlean is designed to prevent scratches during cleaning, unlike microcloths that can leave scratches on screens.

The deal: ScreenKlean’s most popular Father’s Day offer is a buy 3, get 2 FREE deal which drops the price to just $11.99 each!

Buy from ScreenKlean

The Disco Repairing Eye Stick is the kind of gift that says, “Dad, you’re awesome, and we want you to feel and look your best.”

It’s specially formulated to help men banish those pesky signs of tiredness and age. It’s like a magic wand for Dad’s eyes, reducing puffiness and inflammation, minimizing dark circles, and balancing complexion.

Disco products are formulated by an Ivy League dermatologist, are fragrance-free, and contain vegan, cruelty-free ingredients. So, Dad can feel good about using it, knowing there are no funky chemicals or toxins involved.
The deal: Save 15% when you order a 2-month supply
for Dad! It’s the perfect length of time so Dad can give this a try and see how he likes it!

Buy from Disco

Keyzmo is like a grown-up Swiss Army Knife that Dad will take everywhere with him!

It slips right into his pocket! No more bulky keychains or losing small gadgets. With Keyzmo, Dad will have everything he needs right at his fingertips.

There are 100s of ways for Dad to use Keyzmo! Watch him effortlessly wrench, screw, measure, cut, strip, open, file, and fix anything. He can even use it to crack open his favorite beer!

It’s TSA compliant, so it’s the ideal travel companion whether he’s on a flight to come visit you or on his way to enjoy his bucket list vacation.

The deal: This super gadget is super affordable! Keyzmo is running a buy 3, get 2 FREE deal that drops the price significantly. We won’t tell if you keep one or two for yourself. 😉

Buy from Keyzmo

Ask any dad and they’ll tell you… grilling is SERIOUS business!

Grillicious Flavor-Infused Grill and Pan Wipes® take grilling to the next level by adding serious flavor directly onto the grill. All Dad has to do is wipe his favorite flavor on the grill before tossing on juicy steaks or burgers.

Grillicious Wipes are 100% organic and made in the USA. They create a NON-STICK and flavor-enhancing environment on grill grates, griddles, pans, or cast-iron skillets.

With these, Dad will be able to get those perfect grill marks just like his favorite restaurant!
The deal: What an incredible (and unique) Father’s Day gift idea! Use code “GROMMET618” for FREE shipping on orders $40+.

Buy from Grillicious

7. Fitnus Socks: Help Dad get back on his feet & active with these relief socks

Fitnus Socks are like a spa day for Dad’s feet, and let’s be honest, he probably needs it. 😊

Fitnus Socks are designed to improve blood flow, relieve swelling, and energize his tired, achy feet and ankles. They’re like a personal masseuse for his feet, working their magic all day long.

They’re breathable and odor-resistant. That’s right, no more smelly dad socks lying around the house! They rapidly soothe heel and arch pain, stabilize the foot, and even help prevent injury.

These are a fantastic gift for active dads who enjoy running, walking, or biking, but have been hobbled by injuries in recent years.

The deal: Get 50% off right now! (Only while supplies last.)

Buy from Fitnus Socks

Ryan and Meredith started Soxfords with the belief that we should “Grow Up, Not Old!”

(Doesn’t that sound a lot like Dad?! 😂)

Their socks are knit in Colombia from ethically-sourced soft Peruvian Pima cotton that feels like a dream on Dad’s feet. They use a double-woven yarn, add a “no slouch” cuff with added stretch, and reinforce the toe and heel for long-lasting comfort so Dad can enjoy his favorite activities in style.

Ryan and Meredith have put together a special Father’s Day collection featuring 15 popular styles selected just for Dad!

Whether Dad is in the office or on the golf course, these colorful socks are sure to turn heads!

The deal: Don’t miss their Father’s Day Sale! Use code “grommet23” at checkout for 15% off your order!

Buy from Soxfords

9. Heavy-Duty Storage Straps: These are a no-brainer for garages, sheds + MORE

This Father’s Day, give Dad the BEST way to easily organize cables, ropes, hoses & MORE.

No more jumbled messes and tripping hazards…

With these, Dad’s workspace will look like it was professionally cleaned at all times giving him (and you) some much-needed breathing room. They hold up to 50 lbs with ease and are completely weatherproof so they’re perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

If the last time you walked into Dad’s workspace and gasped, consider getting him these convenient organizers for Father’s Day,

(You’ll both be happier! 👍)  

Buy from Wrap-It Storage

10. Proud Grill: These Slide & Serve BBQ Skewers are the best way to cook Kabobs

Check out Proud Grill’s amazing creation if Dad loves grilling Kabobs, but HATES trying to keep shrimp, vegetables, and beef skewers in place.

Traditional skewers are a pain to use because food spins or falls off before it’s done cooking, but these Slide & Serve Skewers couldn’t be easier! All Dad has to do is slide his favorite ingredients onto this stainless steel design and watch as these reusable skewers cook food EVENLY.

Plus, these eye-catching skewers make an excellent serving tool for summer BBQs with friends. If you’re tired of seeing Dad struggle with flimsy wooden skewers, help him UPGRADE this Father’s Day!

The deal: Bundle & SAVE! Order the 4-piece or 6-piece set for Dad to save big $$$ and unlock FREE shipping too! Backed by a 1-year warranty.

Buy from Proud Grill

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