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Female Led Relationship

Female led relationship is a kind of relationship where the woman plays the major role and takes major decisions.

This kind of relationship is a typical opposite of the old men led relationship. Back in the olden days, during our fathers or fore fathers, women were not allowed to be seen or speak their mind, not to talk more of taking decisions.

Their duties was to cook, clean and take of the children and the entire household. That’s where this proverb that says “women’s education ends in kitchen” came from, because parents then saw it as a waste of money to train a female child in school.

They were called the “wealth consumer” while the men are called the “provider”. But nowadays, it’s no longer the same.


Back in the olden days, most of our women were not happy and never lived a fulfilled life. They were never given the opportunity to showcase their God given talent and gifts, they were deprived of so many priveleges that they should enjoy. They were not allowed to work nor do anything of their own, not only that, they were also intimidated.

Widows were forcefully snatched all that their husbands kept for them to train their children, living them homeless and hopeless. They were dependent, they depend on their husbands for survival, and had nothing doing for a living on their own, so as a result of this, when the husband is gone, most of them hardly survive it.
When the western education came was introduced, the minds and brains of people were enlightened. People began to see the usefulness of training a female child. The fundamental human rights also opened the eyes of women to their rights and priveleges.

They were given the right to education, right to vote and be voted for, right to speak their minds and make decisions. As a result of this, female led relationship sprang up, and this popular saying came out “what a man can do, a woman can do it better”. Women began to share house chores, duties and responsibilities with men. Women end up becoming politicians, doctors, engineers, surgeons, philanthropists, scientists and so many other profession which you can find men in it.


Women were very much happy to embrace this kind of relationship because

  • It gives them room for making decisions
  • It gives them the opportunity to make some necessary changes.
  • They needed to be cared for and listened to.
  • They needed attention and self respect.
  • They want the best out of their men. They needed a happy home where they will be able to express their mind, opinions, feelings and correct their men when they are wrong.


Someone may ask how do men benefit from this female led relationship? There are various ways men take advantage of female led relationship. They are

  • It reduces the stress of the man making difficult decisions alone. The stress of thinking alone on how to do some things is been reduced, because the woman thinks along with him. Most atimes, it might even be the woman who will bring out the best decision on what is best for the family or relationship.
  • Just like the saying” two heads are better than one”. It also prevents the man from making wrong decision, because they will end up rubbing minds together to get the best.
  • The man’s responsibilities are divided. Back then, a man will have to shoulder all the responsibilities of the family, whether good or bad, whether the economy of the country is getting worse or better, because the woman is not allowed to work.
  • But in a female led relationship, is not so, the woman works and help to take some of the responsibilities of the man in the family. Most atimes, the woman takes the major responsibilities like feeding and education, there by lifting off a heavy burden off the man’s shoulder.
  • it makes the relationship more intimate. Back then, a woman worships her man like a god and were not really intimate with each other. She is only called for sex by her husband only when he is in need of a child.
  • But a female led relationship allows a man to enjoy his woman during sex, because they two are open minded and more transparent. The woman is allowed to express how she feels and that also makes the man to get the best of her.
  • it makes the man to understand and appreciate his woman. Back then, a woman is not allowed to speak her mind or do the things she is capable of doing. But female led relationship helps to reveal to a man the hidden potentials in her woman and as a result of this, the man appreciates the woman.
  • And in this kind of relationship, it helps the man to understand his woman better,her likes and dislikes, because she now speaks her mind.
  • It lead to a happy home. The woman is happy and the man too is happy. In this female led relationship, the man sometimes is the happiest, because when his woman is happy, then the relationship must definitely be a happy one.

No man is happy to have a nagging woman as a partner. This kind of relationship brings the sweetness in a relationship, when the both partners truly understand themselves.

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