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Foundations for Strong Relationships

And Personal Reflection

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Earlier this week, I witnessed the first turning of yellow leaves heralding the start of autumn.

Wait!! I wailed, I’m not ready.

This made me take stock: Why was I not ready? I’ve known all my life that summer segues into autumn. So why am I not ready?

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Personal reflection leads to change

It’s the same for our seasons in life. Personal reflection changes with each stage of life. Relationship boundaries shapeshift according to our status, commitment and amount of time together, i.e. child-raising years compared to empty-nester years, or career peaks versus slowing down your workload.

That brings me to today’s discussion. Personal reflection corresponds directly to our evolving boundaries.

And if the people in our lives are not (or cannot be) in sync with our changing parameters, then we need to speak our mind so they can either level up or respect our growth.

When we want to speak our mind so our people hear us, there are three components to bare in mind:

* Be lovingly assertive

~ If that doesn’t work

* Be firmly assertive

~ Still not sinking in

* Be boldly assertive

It is your birth right to assert your boundaries until they are met.

Foundations build strong relationships

As far as relationships and boundaries go, constructing a foundation of mutual respect means to:

🗝 Listen with genuine interest

🗝 Acknowledge their strengths/passions/needs

🗝 Involve them in daily decisions

🗝 And that works both ways btw.

I feel we’ve covered a lot of ground in today’s article. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to make sense of it with you.

Enjoy the transition of both your personal and relational life, plus the turning of seasons in your part of the world. And if, like me, you don’t feel ready for any of it, spend some time in personal reflection and discover your new self with the turning of time.

Instagram: @meganruthphotography_ downloaded via Unsplash

Until next time, stay true to you.

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