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Fun Places To Have Sex And Enjoy

Fun Places To Have Sex And Enjoy

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It’s common knowledge to have a “bucket” list.

Let’s face it.

The majority of bucket lists are dull.

Here’s an idea…

Did you ever consider making a new and more sexually adventurous bucket list?

Instead of bungee jumping, sky diving, or the opportunity to swim in the ocean with dolphins…

You’ve created the following list of the most thrilling places to get naked.

If you’re scratching your head to think of fantastic places, I’m here to inform you that I’ve got your back.

I’ve compiled an index of 101 most desirable places to experience sexual relations.

We’re not talking about an exhaustive list of the most well-known places.

There are also open, exciting, interesting, funny, and dangerous spots to get sexual sex.

Choose and decide which ones work best for you, and begin going on your bucket list.

Before We Begin…

Let’s be able to agree on one thing.

A great sex experience requires confidence and an intimate understanding of your partner or spouse.

However, establishing this connection requires time and familiarity.

This is the ugly truth:

However much you cherish each other or how great the relationship you have, you’ll be able to get into a routine pattern.

It’s a necessary aspect of every relationship. An absence period could be beneficial.

Are you keen to know how to break out of the routine?

Go out and have sex in some new and wild locations.

The old phrase in real property:

Location, location, location.

The same principle applies to sexual sex.

Before you head to meet your guy, you should read…

There’s more than simply showing up at the venue you have chosen.

You’ll want to ensure you don’t get caught in prison or hurt yourself or others because of your crazy behavior.

Make sure to plan and research the location of your home.

You’ll need to find that balance between being highly stimulating to the mind, and you’re likely to fall victim to it.

As a result, while unusual, dangerous public areas are a great place to revisit raunchy experiences from your youth, be sure not to violate any laws or harm yourself or others.

Public Places To Have Sex

Sexual encounters in public are a thrilling way to feel an intimate relationship with your companion.

However, be aware that the odds of being arrested are high when you follow these recommendations.

Also, remember that you’ll need easily accessible clothing to increase your chances of success more favorable.

This year, in 2014, a Wisconsin couple did this after being arrested for drunk driving. The police placed them inside their vehicle; however, the couple was soon involved and were quickly caught.

You’ll have to look for the quieter times, likely at the time or beginning of your day. Maybe having to work during the weekend may not be a painful decision…

Be aware of the door and look through the window for someone who might interrupt your conversation. Whatever the case, it’s likely to be short-lived due to the heat.

Be on the lookout for surveillance cameras and look for a place near the machine that is in the area in the corner.

Make sure there aren’t any children in the area, Please!

The key is discretion. One couple in Las Vegas was not so fortunate.

  • Bank safety deposit vault

You’ll require a security deposit box before you even consider this place.

A train that departs early in the morning is the best option. Trains that run late at night will be packed with commuters returning from the bars.

The bigger the library, the more libraries you can have. However, keep the volume low!

Certain parks are closed in the evening, and you may find a way to sneak into them. In other cases, locate an appropriate bench at night.

Most cinemas are not occupied for screenings in the afternoon of standard films. It’s not uncommon to be in a solitary space on a good day. Whatever the case, the darkness, and sound of the movie can help you.

Make sure you are at your best for the elevator’s location. Place yourself in a position to the side of the camera and be ready to swiftly stop the elevator if it is stopped.

If you can find one, it’s usually in very crowded places. It’s important to find one in a less crowded location and then consider making a night-time attempt.

Perhaps one of the least risky spots, you could locate a safe spot with a good understanding of the surrounding area. There is darkness but beware of vagrants as well as drunks.

This is a challenge to achieve If you’re over the age of the majority of hostel users. According to my experiences, it’s not unusual for drunken travelers to indulge in this behavior, even when there are six to 16 other people in the same room.

  • Parking lot during daylight hours

Timing is of crucial importance, along with the spot. Getting into serious legal trouble is possible if you’re found guilty.

  • The dressing room in an online clothing store

If you’ve never tried this, try one at a big department store. There are fewer store employees in the area. If you’ve graduated from this, consider a smaller boutique shop to see how it compares.

  • The balcony in your hotel room

This may be the lowest risk or even the riskiest dependent on the location of the balcony. However, it is worth trying to feel air move over your body while gazing towards the road below.

Try to avoid the evening hours with this one, since children and their families might be aware in the daytime. Even in the evening, be aware of security guards or alarm systems surrounding the fence. Bonus points are awarded when you use the underwater sexual toys in tandem.

  • In the bleachers of the stadium for

If you are in the right place, it can be thrilling. The crowd’s noise and the adrenaline rush in the face of the possibility of getting taken in. It is crucial to conduct research in this type of situation.

The clothing you wear for skiing can make this difficult. However, some lifts require considerable time before you reach their top. You should allow plenty of time to finish the job back up.

Every place that is a risk for children or families being aware of it must be carefully scouted to minimize the chance of it occurring. If you’re lucky, you’ll smile whenever you watch a Disney film on TV.

  • Hall of the university lecture hall

If you are aware of the lecture schedule for every hall, you may be able to time it well. But, be aware of timing adjustments.

Find the ideal location to build an indoor stairwell, and you might find the perfect place to sneak into the building to enjoy a delicious afternoon snack.

It is one of the most difficult locations. The timing is crucial here. You’re likely not to have time to think about it until you finally find a moment.

  • The car hood is on along the roadway.

It’s not just a popular sexually active location; getting slapped into the car’s hood is a great way to unwind from constant driving.

Crazy Places To Have Sex

If you’re tired of risking everything just for an instant shot in the public eye, Check out if something in this section grabs your attention.

Yes, I agree with your opinion.

A few of these ideas are typically sexually attractive.

You’re here because you are looking to play around with your partner.

The predictable is boring. Explore something different.

  1. Paddling the pool filled with K-Y Jelly

It’s probably the most attractive of the ideas that are on this page, as well as the most tested. Try to find large tubs of KY to make the process somewhat easier. If you’d like to experiment with something different than the K-Y option, there are some excellent food ideas here.

If you’re reading this, you’ve had sex at an unspoiled beach, So why not give it a go in uncomfortable but demanding surroundings?

It’s the mechanical car wash that is in the machine. Don’t be a hero; wait until the machine is inactive before moving towards it. Get it out of there if you spot a vehicle coming to take it out!

  • In the mud during the music festival

Festivals of music come in all kinds and sizes. You’ll need to go to an edgy, drug-fuelled event for those who want to be sweaty (literally) there.

Perhaps not the cleanest sexually; However, the movement of trains can create an intense sensation. Make sure to be aware of the conductor of the train.

Do you feel a bit shy about getting muddy during the event? Do you sneak into an outdoor toilet to get a quick bath? Of course, this isn’t for weak of heart, for reasons we’re not required to go into. It’s a good one to check off the list…

  • Animal feed shed on the farm.

Do you have a visit to an open farm near you? Explore the area and try to locate a barn in which the feed for animals is stored. It’s not the first place one would ever think of searching.

You’ll have to be interested to attempt this, but the thrill of surprise makes many couples want to try. There’s something about dirty surroundings that can make you feel dirty and have dirty sexual activity there.

Better If the horse is present to observe, especially if you’ve just mucked it out. Make sure that your horse is calm and isn’t easily scared.

Be on the lookout for the settlers that might be using the area for their purposes. It is a good location for keeping out of the house sexual sex.

The dryer, the more effective. The thicker the pile, the more substantial. There is something romantic about auburn hues and their rustling.

  • Laundry room at the hospital

If you can get the timing right, you’ll be in a warm and clean place. Keep an eye out for staff at the hospital and security cameras. Make sure you have an escape plan.

  • Bathrooms at the Truckstop

It’s not the cleanest, but you’ll feel his passion after being in the vehicle for several hours.

Perhaps a bit harder to locate a suitable event with a suitable time; however, if you manage to locate a deep enough pool of foam at the venue, you may have a blast.

You might want to try tipping the driver before the trip and hope he’s happy with it. It’s impossible to imagine how he will not be aware.

Take advantage of the opportunity when it is available. While the owner is with their horse, the trailer will be empty.

This is certainly one of the most difficult areas to find. It will take a lot of thought for this to be correctly planned. Make sure to remember the sunblock.

Everyone has an alleyway that is dark within their area. Take a look in the daytime and ensure it’s safe for returning at night.

The cave’s location will be difficult, and you’ll have to ensure it’s not inundated as the tide rises. It will be to be a memorable trip.

  • The bathroom of the nightclub

Be sure to be familiar with the rules of the club, its policies, and security staff. Certain clubs are more relaxed than others.

  • Behind the dumpster is the gas station.

If you’re not averse to the smell of trash, there’s a quiet area to have a quick jog. Beware of staff members but.

  • Within the remains of a burned-down home

If someone was killed in a fire, this location should be in the Strange Places To Have Sex section. This area is a great place to cover yourself and provides a distinct dark environment. Be cautious not to hurt yourself by stepping on dirt.

The only risk you’re facing here is the insects. You’ll be aware of them causing you discomfort. After a rain, the long grass will ensure that you both soak afterward, but there’s something primal about having sexual relations in such an environment.

Fun Places To Have Sex

Maybe this section could have been first in this article.

However, that’s somewhat predictable, wouldn’t it?


Just because these places are more accessible than the others I’ve picked does not mean you have to avoid them.

Even though we’ve described how to convince a man to like you, Take him to these locations to have a fun-filled sexual experience, and you’ll blow him away.

If you can get the weather perfect, this excursion will be remembered. Bring a large blanket to place over a gentle area of woods. It is a great place to relax and get lost in the sights and sounds of trees swaying later.

  • In addition to the washing machine

Who would the creator of the washing machine have thought of this application to his invention? Perhaps maybe not. The height and the vibration from the unit are right for most couples.

  • The rear of the car in the quiet parking lot

Even though it’s one of the simpler ones but you’ll be entertained by it.

  • On top of a table of pool

The table’s height might pose a problem. However, make him stand on a table or other object appropriate to make it more comfortable.

Check that the tub is in good condition and the water is properly filtered. The hot tub’s water is ideal for microorganisms to thrive in.

  • Office filing room, with the door locked

When boredom, fatigue, and work stress become too excessive on you or your spouse, you can strategically escape for a short time. Be sure that you don’t have any colleagues who will be interrupting you.

  • The bedroom you grew up in

As a teen, you fantasized about the man of your desires. How many memories of romance could you make with the prospect of a trip back home? Don’t postpone the trip because the old house won’t be in the same spot for long.

It is important to know the club’s policy, but the sexually oriented environment could be the perfect place for you and your partner.

The aroma of the hay and clean air, tranquility, and peace in the country… there’s not surprising that barns have always been ideal places for sexual sex.

  • Bent on the back of the vehicle on an old country road

What’s that for an ounce of a mouthful? Take a moment to imagine the scene and feel those feelings…

Let him interrupt you when you’re busy making dinner. Naturally, you should not be too busy. Make sure the table is clean to prevent accidental damage.

  • The public park is open at night.

Pick your entry point carefully. A lot of fences around parks are easy to be injured on. Once you’re inside, though, you’re in control. Select a time with full moonlight to enhance your experience more memorable.

You may need a lot of money to enjoy this experience. However, it’s worth every cent.

Sometimes, dirty, nasty sexual sex is exactly what you require. You can incorporate some sexual roleplay in this one. Also, the cost is reduced.

Being in love inside the tent is an experience that everyone should try. When you go camping in the wild or at a campground, you’ll be able to feel close to nature, which is an experience that is animal-based.

Walk around the garden together and walk into the old, dusty shed. The scent of old paint, rusty metal, and oil will make an enjoyable change to your senses.

Discuss with your driver the best way how to protect your privacy. He’ll oblige if you tip well. Don’t fret too much about the price. Limousines aren’t as expensive as it was.

This is a difficult location to accomplish nowadays. All things are strictly controlled on planes, and security is a top priority. However, going to the bathroom together during long flights is possible. Be wary of the personnel of the airline.

Do you remember the days when you’d gather around the picnic table in the park with your loved ones? There’s another reason to use the table for picnics. You’ll likely need to wait until the evening and keep an eye out for Joggers.

Most likely, the most popular spot for sex is outside the bedroom. There’s a reason why it’s so popular. Don’t be afraid to mention it.

You could visit your backyard garden, local park, or school grounds. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to make sure you check the weather forecast for the event of showers that are sudden and take a large blanket to lay on afterward.

Strange Places To Have Sex

Every person has dark sides.

However, not everyone would like to travel that route.


If so, you do, then continue reading.

If you’re looking to push the boundaries of your tolerance of the bizarre and creepy, Try a few of these places.

A majority of these are tiny rooms or compartments. Therefore you’ll have to think of new ways to arrange your chosen positions. Be aware of the schedule of services so that you don’t miss them in the middle of the daytime hours. Be aware that churches are usually locked at night, too.

And I mean deserted as in a war zone or disaster zone. In addition to the risk of life and limbs in the zone, you’re going into a space that once was the home of real people.

Hospitals are where the suffering, sick, and dying are taken. However, it’s also where new life is created. I suppose it’s dependent on the floor where the bathroom is on!

The creep rate is rising… The cause is likely to be someone you didn’t know or understand why you ended up where you are today.

It should be a trip to a museum for prisoners as it will require an enormous amount of effort to enter an actual one. Except, of course, you’re a guard or inmate.

Certainly not one of the romantic locations. Best of luck in keeping thoughts of your family members off your mind…

It’s perhaps the least bizarre of this list, yet one of the easiest ones to cross off the list. Find out where the cars are parked when they’re not being used.

Maximum points when you pull this trick off on a cold winter night, with the full moon. You’ll likely be watching out for dead than any living.

  • The holy spot in Jerusalem

Churches are one thing but trying to establish sex at the center of Christianity and Judaism is additional. Local knowledge is vital.

The longer it takes after the crime, the more difficult it is. The area is likely to be under the surveillance of police as well. Ensure you’re not violating all laws (of the area or the ethical) before attempting this technique.

It’s not comfortable, but it’s a unique place to check off the list. Don’t do anything until the machine is off.

If you can stay clear of cameras and shut the door behind you, you’ve found the ideal place to get some fast, sexually hot sexual activity. Be on guard for any passers-by.

The idea is too complicated for me, but you may be someone who pushes the limits. You’ll need to be aware of this issue to avoid trouble. This assumes that you’re in the area due to the death of a loved one, which is unlikely to make anyone feel a need to have sex.

Be aware of the light source of any candles you may have burned. It could be uncomfortable in your heavier clothing, too. However, if you end up in an igloo least try it!

This is, for me, probably the oddest item on the list.

What is the reason you would even bother?

However, I’m here to offer you some ideas, not to be a judge…

The only pirates today are found in the Gulf of Aden, so unless you want to be involved, it’s best to go with a museum ship or a historical vessel. There are plenty of them, so locate one close to where you live and take a trip to discover what’s available.

Maybe a bit creepier than the shower your parents had, but that’s your choice, not mine.

This isn’t the end of really bizarre location ideas. If you do manage to pull it off, send me a note and tell me how you managed to do it.

A site that was the scene of a catastrophic nuclear disaster in the 1980s, The Ukrainian capital city Chornobyl is accessible for tourist excursions today. The city is still a ghost town; some areas are considered hazardous due to radiation, but there is the right location.

Sex is all about youthfulness and vitality. It is a good idea to try getting groovy in a place where men come to spend the final days of their lives. Be aware of attentive staff members.

Dangerous Places To Have Sex

Don’t think I didn’t warn you.

You could cause serious injuries to yourself or your loved one by trying to get an affair in any of these below locations.

While the added risk could result in more adrenaline-inducing sexual pleasure, only you can determine whether it is worth it and what’s not.

  • Small fishing boat for fishing

You’re on the edge of the lake in a tiny fishing boat, at a distance that is enough to ensure that no one will see you. Make sure you don’t over-rock and cause the vessel to sink. Help is quite a time far away.

Sexing behind a horse could be not just logistically challenging but also risky. Be sure to know the horse’s characteristics and that it doesn’t scare easily.

Have you seen the craziest videos of people who scale the highest structures? So pick a suitable bridge if you and your loved one are fans of high places and thrilling adventures. Remember that you’re more likely to get into trouble with the law and should wear safe safety harnesses.

The building is set to be demolished. Can you take a last stroll before it disappears?

  • Old treehouse from childhood

The treehouses I’ve seen have turned into death traps as time passes. They’re not built to last. Therefore, take your chance. Yours could be more durable.

Moving machines, massive loads are moving around on cranes, dust, and dirt everywhere, not forgetting the adoring eyes of the workers. If your worker is on the job site, they’ll know the ideal spot – and safest.

Of course, it will depend upon your father. Think to Meet The Parents. Then multiply his anger by the intrusion into his study at home, which he considers his sanctuary. There’s nothing to be concerned about (if you don’t get caught).

It’s not as hazardous in the same way as construction sites; however, movie sets are full of cheap backdrops and props, light wires, and expensive equipment. And that’s not even counting the people who are running about.

If you think this is impossible, a French-Canadian male accomplished this feat by working with the receptionist at a company that offers skydiving.

  • He’s still driving the car.

The only thing I’ll say is to be cautious and slow. You’ll need to trust the driving skills of this driver. However, you’ll be guaranteed an exciting experience. Do it on a paved and private route to reduce the risk of an accident.

It’s not in a beehive but close to it. Wearing protective clothing is not mandatory. However, it is recommended. You do one thing to prove that you’ve done it rather than taking in the experience.

Final Words

There’s no reason not to look at at least one of these top spots to get sexual sex.

You’re required to.

Are you looking to make it better?

There’s one final important tip that you should follow in this journey to make it more enjoyable.

Yes, I’m talking about taking an art form of dirty talk to those locations for sexual sex.

It’s important to incorporate it into your sexual life.


It’s because it’s the element that individuals often lack in their relationships.

What is the meaning of this?

How many times have you been having fun with your friend and then got bored after some time?

How often have you heard your friends break up because they couldn’t get it to work for them anymore?

Imagine that you put in the time and discovered unique spots to have sex. Now you whisper the perfect words to him.


Your friend isn’t able to understand the source of information.

You’ll add so much additional value to your connection…

It will make him feel more comfortable and wanted, and he will see that he needs to know your desires and language.

In that case, the person will step out of his familiar zone and attempt to work more.


Words are the best tool we have to communicate with each other as human beings. Choosing the right words and place at the right time won’t just make you feel better. It will have a massive impression on the quality of your (sex) life and your relationships (not only with your boyfriend). …)

Be careful…

The wrong words spoken at the wrong time could turn into something embarrassing…

This weapon should be utilized with caution.

This is why I wrote everything you must know about dirty talk and how to do it STEP by step.

Therefore, before going to the next location to enjoy sexually sexy fun, you should be prepared. Be sure to get your gun ready, shock him, and achieve what you want.

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