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Getting Married In College: 3 Pros & 3 Cons

Many college sweethearts are excited about the idea of getting married, which is not surprising. When you find that person, it seems natural and right to want to spend your entire life with them. But getting married might be a good idea for some people and a bad one for others. To avoid being in the second group, the people thinking about getting married need to understand what kind of trade-offs they could make and ask themselves if they are prepared to make such concessions.

Pros 1: You have someone waiting for you when you get home

The fact that they can come home to their partner after a long day creates any home a safe place. If the honeymooners are each other’s great buddies, spending time together will make these most boring tasks more fun. Also, having someone to talk to when you’ve had a bad day makes a big difference in your mental health.

A blessing is spending more time with your spouse, your best friend. This makes you feel less alone in the world. It doesn’t matter what these couples do together, whether they cook or go on trips for a week. Any activity will make you feel ten times better than if you did it alone.

Pros 2: Spouses can rely on each other

For various people, college is the initial step toward becoming an adult. It’s hard because being an adult means being on your own for the first time in your life. At this point in life, it can be a huge relief to have someone you can count on, and that will stay true as the years go by. This kind of safety isn’t just in your head. Having a partner is like having a safety net because they will be the first person to help them with anything.

Pros 3: Sharing expenses makes life cheaper

Most college students don’t have much money, and living with others can help them stick to a budget. When people live together, it costs less to split the rent, buy groceries, and take care of other household needs. Also, newlyweds may be able to get help with money from several programs. For example, such couples can get up to $29,000 in tuition fees from the state of California.

Con 1: Getting married means sharing responsibilities and growing up

When two people marry, the law says they must pay for each other’s debts. This adds to many shared responsibilities, and it takes maturity to handle them. Most of the time, the most important financial obligations mean that newlyweds need to be able to manage their own money.

So, to pay the bills, one or both spouses will probably have to get a part-time job, like flipping burgers, or work as freelancers, for example, in the essay service business. Both people must be sure they are ready to commit such a big commitment.

Con 2: More mundane chores and less fun time

Most of the time, getting married means living together, and sharing a house has its costs. Someone has to cook, clean, take out the trash, pay the bills, and do many other things. As was already said, when people get married and move in together, they often have to support themself financially. Work, studying, and chores around the house will leave you hardly any time for parties or other fun college activities.

Con 3: It could also make studying harder

The duties that come with getting married can also make it hard to study. While single students spend their time writing essays for school, married students may have to pay the whole day at work or doing chores around the house. When this happens, a newlywed person’s grades may go down. But whether a student is married or not, deciding to do freelance work and study instead of going out can significantly affect how well they do in school.

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3 Questions to Ask Before Proposing

College sweethearts thinking about getting married should discuss the idea with each other. The three questions below are an excellent place to start such a talk:

What makes you want to get married?

It’s not a great idea to get married to avoid being alone or to get gifts. A marriage is a promise to work together for a long time. This commitment is only good when it comes from love and friendship, not just outside pressure or a desire to feel good at the moment.

How well do you all know each other?

Compatibility is among the essential keys to a long-term relationship. In other words, people who want to get married need to know everything about each other. If not, they might be caught off guard when their partner’s sleeping or kitchen habits start to bother them.

What are your plans for the relaxation of your life?

Imagine that one person wants to spend their whole life traveling the world or getting paid to help people with their writing by EssayPro. If their partner can’t deal with living with such choices, their different priorities in life will probably cause them to break up.


When a college sweetheart gets married, it can be the start of a decade filled with joy and happiness. But both people must be sure they’d find it work before taking this step. If not, it might just lead to tears and fights. So, all of you who might want to get married, think about the benefits and drawbacks of getting hitched in college before you decide.

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