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Gravity Pipes: The Beginner’s Guide

A grav pipe is a smoking implement that resembles the bottom half of a mini water pipe or bong. 

The following guide will explain exactly what gravity pipes are, how to use them, and how to smoke out of one without burning your hand or hacking up a lung.


What is a Gravity Pipe?

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In its simplest form, a gravity pipe is just the bottom half of a traditional water pipe or bong. They are typically fashioned out of acrylic or glass and purchased individually through various online retailers. 

Some pieces come with an external chillum which acts as a carb – others will have an internal one instead. You can smoke out of one without a chillum, but it is recommended that you use an external one if your pipe has one. 

Gravity pipes are sometimes referred to as a “one-hit wonder” or a “taster.” The only way you can smoke out of one is through a one-hitter.


How to Use a Gravity Pipe?

The gravity pipe is an incredibly easy implement to use – it’s perfect for beginners and veterans alike. Here are the steps to take to have yourself an enjoyable smoke sesh with a gravity pipe.

1) Pack the Bottom Chamber 

Pack the bottom chamber of your grav pipe lightly – you don’t want it too tightly packed, or else your weed will be difficult to pull through. Pack only enough weeds so that it doesn’t fall out when the bowl is set on top.

2) Insert the Weed 

Place the weed in the top of your bowl – it’s recommended that you use a metal or glass bowl; however, wood chambers can work just as well.

Take care that none of the weed is sticking up over the rim of your bowl. If this occurs, pull some off before inserting the bowl.

3) Insert Your Chillum 

When using an external chillum, place the end of it into your weed (Be sure to remove any plastic or rubber mouthpiece beforehand). Now set this on top of the bottom chamber – if you are smoking alone, be sure that the chillum’s tip is inside whatever container you use to catch ashes and debris.

4) Light and Inhale 

Light the end of your chillum, hold it over the bottom chamber, and inhale slowly until you feel like stopping. If there is no chillum on your pipe, make sure that the tip of the bowl is inside of whatever container you will be using to catch ashes and debris.

5)Enjoy Your Smoke

That’s all there is to it. You can now sit back, relax, and take in your favorite herb without much fuss at all.

Once you are finished with your smoke, be sure to dump out any leftover ash or weed before heading off – otherwise, they might get jostled around when you go to put the pipe away and cause a mess.


What’s So Great About Gravity Pipes-Benefits

Simple to Use

These devices are super easy to use. You can pack them and smoke them in 5-10 minutes, allowing you to get on with your day rather quickly – it’s also great for people who are always on the go.



While gravity pipes will never replace the glass or acrylic bongs, they work just as well as chillums if you are in a pinch.

It makes them all the more functional, especially for anyone low on cash and who can’t afford to purchase both types of smoking apparatuses.



Gravity pipes are incredibly visually appealing. They come in an array of colors and styles so that if you own multiple ones, you can quickly tell them apart. 

It makes them perfect for display when they aren’t in use – you can put them on your coffee table and show them off to your friends!


Safe to Use

Gravity pipes are inherently safer than traditional bongs because of the lack of a bottom chamber. If hot ashes or debris fall through, you won’t be burned by water – this makes them a proper choice for people who are new to smoking or have a tendency of being clumsy.



Gravity pipes are much cheaper than bongs – you can get your hands on one for as little as twenty dollars, whereas a traditional glass or acrylic bong will quickly run you over a hundred. 

It means that if you are feeling like taking a break from weed – or you have fallen on hard times financially – gravity pipes are the perfect tool for you.


Healthier Alternative

As stated earlier, bubbles in traditional bongs can harbor bacteria and fungi because they are harder to clean. Gravity pipes don’t have this problem because their open areas are at the same level, making them easier to clean.


Features to Check While Buying a Gravity Pipe

The weed chamber needs to be deep enough so that it doesn’t poke up over the rim when you place your weed in. If this occurs, pull some off before inserting the bowl. 

The chillum should have a broad tip to cover the opening in the chamber – if it doesn’t, replace it.

Make sure that your grav pipe has a carb, making smoking much more manageable. Without one, you have to suck in for far longer than usual to get all of the smoke in your lungs. Make sure that the pipe is thick enough to prevent cracking when you drop it. If you are not sure, purchase one made out of borosilicate glass.

Check the prices on gravity pipes before you make your final decision. If some are around 10 dollars, chances are they are cheaply made and will break easily. You can find some great deals online or in head shops for about twenty to thirty dollars.

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