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Grommet’s New Product Discovery Platform Is Now Live At | Discover What’s Next

When we relaunched the Grommet last year, we were overwhelmed by the incredibly positive response — more than 600 of you took the time to post your joy about the return of Grommet!

Since then, we’ve shared hundreds of innovative products from independent Makers with you via our newsletter. And it’s been amazing! So far, we’ve shared more than 3,000 incredible innovations with you, resulting in tens of millions of product views.

However, there’s one thing we keep hearing from you:

“Where’s the website?!”

Yup. You all love Grommeting so much… that you can’t stand to wait for our newsletters. Many of you (like, THOUSANDS of you) have written in asking for us to give you a way to “Grommet All Day”…

Well, guess what? We listened!

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the new Grommet Discovery Platform 🚀🚀🚀

After months of hard work, we’re finally ready to reveal the next step for Grommet: The Grommet Discovery Platform!

At first glance, the new Grommet Discovery Platform looks like an online shop. But it’s so much more than that!

The Grommet Discovery Platform is a place where YOU decide which products rise to the top. Not only will you find tons of exciting products available to purchase directly from Makers… you can also vote on products, which gives them more exposure — and rewards you with a discount!

The Grommet Discovery Platform is filled with 5 exciting ways to discover new products. Here’s how it works:

There are 5 major components to the Grommet Discovery Platform:

The Feed: A place to discover and engage with hundreds (and soon thousands!) of products from Makers.

Exclusive Discounts: Get amazing deals on everything you see.

Discovery Thursday: New products arrive every week!

My Votes: Find all your favorite products (and discounts!) in one place.

Clips: Watch short videos from Makers that bring products to life.

Guides: Get tips on how to find and use the best products out there.

There’s a lot to discover, but don’t worry — it’s all very easy to use! Next, we’ll walk you through each new feature on the Grommet Discovery Platform.

The Feed: THE Place To Discover What’s Next®!

When you log into the Grommet Discovery Platform, the first thing you’ll see is your personalized Feed. It’s filled with innovative products and looks like this:

See those numbers there? That’s how popular that product is today — as decided by Grommeters like you! Each one of these products has been vetted by our team, but YOU decide which ones reach the top.

If you’re curious about any of the products, you can click them to learn more about the product, its features, and the Maker behind it. Then, if you really like the product, you can “Upvote” it. This does two things:

1. It helps push that product to the top of other Grommeters’ Feeds, and: 

2. It unlocks a sweet discount from the Maker!

Which leads us to the next big thing…

Exclusive Discounts: Almost Every Product Is On Sale!

Yup! Every time you vote on a product, you support it reaching the top… and as a thank you, the Makers will offer you a special code to use during checkout for huge savings!

As always, you will buy directly from the Maker… these discounts are on top of the low price that already comes with buying direct.

This means you can get one (or a bundle) of ANY product you see on the Grommet Discovery Platform at the best price possible. It’s not just the best place to discover, it’s also the best place to buy! Oh, and speaking about it being the best place to discover…

Discovery Thursday: New Products Every Week!

The Discovery Platform will never get stale. That’s because we’ll upload a TON of new products every Thursday — from all sorts of categories!

How’s this possible?! Well, we’ve beefed up our vetting process quite a bit behind the scenes… and combined with some of the Discovery Platform’s new features, we’re now able to present you with more Makers than ever before — and we can be confident that all of them are valuable. We just don’t know which ones will be YOUR favorite (and we can’t wait to find out)!

Of course, with all these exciting products to check out, it’s easy to get lost. Don’t worry… that’s where My Votes comes in!

My Votes: Find All Your Faves In One Place

When you vote on a product, the Discovery Platform automatically saves the item to your My Votes page.

This acts as a wishlist, shopping list, or place to save your favorite innovations and products for when the time is right. Plus, you’ll have all your discounts ready to use whenever you want 🙂

Alright, excited yet? Well hold your horses… because we’re about to get to the coolest part:

Introducing Clips: See The Coolest Products In Action & Discover Fascinating Maker Stories!

The Discovery Platform will also launch with a section called Clips, where you can watch videos from Makers to learn more about their motivations behind the product, how it works, and of course see it in action. Plus, you can keep voting and shopping while watching!

Okay, we’re almost done — one last thing!

Guides: Exclusive Maker Interviews, Gift Guides, Product Reviews & More

Guides is your go-to source for the latest innovations, curated gift guides, detailed product reviews, exclusive interviews and more!

We strive to create the most interesting and entertaining content you’ll read all day. The Guides are a great place to Discover What’s Next®!

The Grommet Discovery Platform is live now. Go check it out!

But before you go, one last note: 

While the new Discovery Platform was designed with you in mind, you’re not the only one who benefits from it. It’s also great for the Makers!

Thanks to this new platform, so many more Makers can join us — instead of fighting for places in our newsletters, they can put themselves directly in front of you to prove their worth. We’re so excited to give these Makers a chance to shine…

…but now it’s up to you! The new Grommet Discovery Platform is live and waiting for you to discover all it has to offer. Go check it out now:

We can’t wait to see which products you all love the most!

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