Friday, April 12, 2024

Hacky Computer Engineering for Babies

Congratulations to our Product of the Week winner, Hacky Engineering Computer Engineering for Babies!🎉

Baby joyfully engaging with the Hacky Engineering Computer Engineering for Babies book, pressing colorful buttons to activate bright LED lights, exploring basic logic gates through interactive play.

The Maker:

When Chase Roberts’ oldest was a year old, he’d ask to be held so he could flip on the light switches in his home. His little one LOVED this game, but eventually Chase’s arms grew tired. Inspired, Chase used this concept and turned it into book form.

What it does:

This interactive book uses sensory pages to detect which gate is open, changing LED colors and outputs accordingly. Youngsters will marvel at the fun lights while learning the basics of engineering. Watch them smile as they push the button and on comes the light!

Close-up of a Hacky Engineering Computer Engineering for Babies book page, showcasing vibrant, illustrated logic circuits including WIRE, NOT, OR, AND, XOR, and LATCH gates, with interactive buttons and LED outputs for hands-on learning.

What you said:

“As a teacher, I know how important books are in helping young brains develop. So many toys out there overstimulate our children and don’t teach them a thing. I’m excited to watch my son learn from this book while having fun at the same time.” -Whitney

“I wish this had been around when I was a kid! My daughter already has a fascination with her bedroom lights and I’m excited to watch her reaction once she gets her hands on this book.” -Nathan

The deal: Chase has been floored by the support of the Grommet community this week. He’s grateful for every order that you’ve placed since his Thursday launch and is pleased to continue offering 20% off for anyone who Upvotes his page!

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