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Handicraft Items | Wedding Return Gifts at Boontoon

Handicraft Items | Wedding Return Gifts at Boontoon


One can gift any Handicraft Items at their friend’s wedding from this list. All our best gifts in marriage as it has variant design and colors. People usually like to have handicraft items in their homes as it looks unique and creative.

Flower Ganesh Chopra Marble Items

In India, Ganesh Ji is said to be lucky, and if you select it as Wedding Return Gifts, it can be the best choice, and she will like the most.

Flower Ganesh Chopra is especially for ladies and is designed with different beautiful colors with colorful stones.

It comes with a dimension of 4x4x1 inch approx. Also, one can see the peacock design as it is made of marble.

3 Piece Indian Wooden Handicrafts Service Tray Set

One can find this unique wooden handicraft service tray set from online websites at a reasonable price.

It comes with three sets, and its dimension is 6×9 /9×12 /12×15 approx. It has an awesome design with beautiful variant colors.

One will definitely like this tray if you gift them as it is made of wood and has a beautiful design.

Marble Handicrafts Jewellery Box with Necklace Design 

For women, this box can be one of the best Return Gifts in a wedding season.

This box is made up of marble, and inside, it comes with Necklace Design, which can easily attract the guests’ attention.

This box has a dimension of 5×7 inches approx. It looks beautiful as over the box it has some golden design.

Little Kanha The MakhanChor Made of Metal

At any wedding, gifting a statue of God is said to be the best gift for a person.

This little Kanha, the Makhan chor, is made of metal with different stones and colors.

This little Kanha comes with the dimension of 3.5×2.5×3.5 approx. Even if you place this handicraft in your room, you will find positive energy.

Rajasthani Decorative Kaka Kaki Miniature Heads

This Rajasthani Decorative Kaka and Kaki can also be the best gift at your friend’s wedding.

They can place this handicraft in their bedroom as it looks really awesome and seems real.

This Miniature head comes in the dimension of 5 Inches approx. This handicraft will look different from other gifts.

Oxidized Metal and Glass Made Golden Tortoise

In India, the tortoise is said to change the luck of a person we give as it brings money and luck.

Gifting oxidized metal and Golden glass tortoise can beat the idea one wants as it comes with the dimension of 5x5x1 inch approx.

It comes with a metal dish, and the glass tortoise will look attractive. Also, one can place this tortoise in their living area.

Decorative Wild Chime Wall Hanging Parrot For Good Vastu

One can hand this wild chime wall hanging parrot in their bedroom as it indicates Good Vastu for our home.

This handicraft comes with a dimension of 6 inches approx. This wild chime has four parrots hanging noising bells. Whenever the wind touches this wild chime wall-hanging parrot, it creates beautiful noise, which one will like to listen to.



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