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Handicraft Showpieces | Indian Return Gift Online at Boontoon

In India, people celebrate every occasion and gift each lovable presents. You can get Handicraft Showpieces from online websites or nearby shops, which will look awesome if you gift them at your friend’s wedding.

Here are Some Handicraft Gifts that One can Gift as a Present

Fiber Sleeping Buddha Statue In Black & Gold

Buddha is said to be lucky to have a gift as it indicates peace and looks like a unique handicraft item.

Seeing this statue, you can feel like Buddha is sleeping, and it comes in Black and Gold coating.

This statue is made up of fiber, and the price of it is reasonable, so if someone likes to collect handicraft items, this can be the best choice.

Peacock Designed Beautifully Handcrafted Meenakari Steel Glass

This glass can be the best for gifting as it has a peacock design in different colors.

This steel glass has dimensions approx. 3.5×2.5 inches and one can use this glass as a showpiece as it is very attractive.

Buying this type of handicraft item will look unique as we can only see this type of steel glass in some houses.

One can use this steel glass for daily purposes as it comes with good; upon it, the peacock is drawn, providing outer peace in our minds.

Oxidized Wooden Dry Fruit Box with Gorgeous Meenakari Delineation

Many people like to collect oxidized things for them, and oxidized wooden dry fruit can be best.

This wooden dry fruit box comes with dimensions 9x6x2 inches approx. Also, it has two spaces where you can serve your guest’s dry fruits.

It can also look good for Baby Shower Return Gifts as it comes in a wooden box with a beautiful design.

Small-Sized Steel Dibber with Meenakari Coating 

If your friend is having a wedding and you are still waiting to get what to gift, this handicraft item will be the best.

This small-sized dibbi comes in metal, and its dimension is approx. 4x4x2 inches.

If you look very closely at this steel dibi, you can find beautiful work on it, making it more attractive to buy.

Wooden Peacock For Decoration with Meena Work

If someone has given you a gift for your occasion, a wooden peacock can be the best idea for an Indian Return Gift. 

Also, one can put his peacock in their main room as it looks very beautiful. It is decorated with Meena work that enhances its look more beautiful.

This peacock comes in green and Dark Blue colors and adds positive vibes to your house. You can place it next to your TV on the unit.

Golden Kairy Clutch Bag with Traditional Stone Design Work

This is Specially for women who like to have traditional stone design work in their clutch bags.

This golden hairy clutch bag has a dimension of 5×7 inches approx. Also, it looks very pretty in my hands.

Women like to carry Golden Kairy Clutch Bag to any party as it becomes the center of attraction.

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