Happy Belated Birthday Messages

Challenges and struggles of life sometimes hinder us from appreciating and celebrating the special days of our loved ones such as their birthdays, at the right time. It looks as if we don’t care, but deep down in our hearts, we truly care. “Happy Belated Birthday Messages”

Even though we didn’t celebrate it with them when they expected it, we still have the opportunity to do so, because it is better to be late than never.

These are some of the happy belated birthday Messages to celebrate their day:

  1. You are such a wonderful person. You understand everything about me and your heart truly cares. I wish you many more years ahead. Am sorry this message came late, please understand, I have so much in my mind. Happy birthday, dear.
  2. I will never ever forget such an awesome creature like you, and I will forever be grateful to God who formed you. Am so sorry, I didn’t send this on time. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  3. I have been very busy throughout the day, but no matter how busy I am, I can never forget celebrating your birthday even though it came late. Happy birthday, dear.
  4. I missed your special dance on your special day. I know you might have wished I was there, am really sorry. I love you and I wish you a long life. Happy birthday, honey.
  5. I wanted to give you a grand party but I couldn’t make it, because I had an emergency to attend to. Nevertheless, I pray that God should preserve and keep you away from all evil for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, dearest.
  6. I celebrate a unique personality. Your life is a wonder to many. God bless you. Am sorry this came late. Happy birthday.
  7. Circumstances beyond my control hindered me from sending this earlier,am sorry. I wish you more happy years ahead. Happy birthday.
  8. This message came late because I got short of words to describe your personality. You are such an amazing person. Live long. Happy birthday.
  9. I won’t blame you if you are angry that I haven’t wished you a happy birthday, because you have been such a wonderful companion. Am sorry. Live long, my queen. Happy birthday.
  10. Your smile brightens my day and your morning song gladdens my heart. You are my source of joy. Am sorry am sending this now, please forgive me. Wish you a long life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  11. My heart will never be at peace if I didn’t wish you a happy birthday, because you mean the world to me. Happy birthday, dear. Wishing you a life of favor.
  12. You have brought so much joy to me and to the people around you. God bless this day and the rest of your days on earth. Am sorry, this message came late. Happy birthday.
  13. My heart skipped when I remembered that I haven’t wished you a happy birthday. I’m really sorry. May God satisfy you with long life and give you the grace to fulfill destiny. Happy birthday, dear.
  14. Sweetie, am so sorry that am sending this now, but no matter how angry you might be, it won’t stop me from wishing such a beautiful person like you a happy birthday. Wishing you a long life. Happy birthday.
  15. Please forgive me and don’t let go of my hand. Am sorry. I wish you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday.
  16. May God bless you and make you a blessing from this day henceforth. Am sorry I’m sending this now. Happy birthday to you. Happy Belated Birthday Messages”
  17. Am really sorry that I didn’t send this when you expected it, but I pray that God grants the desires of your heart and helps you fulfill the number of your days. Happy birthday.
  18. I wish I had a good reason for not sending this on time, please forgive me. May God give you the best in life. Happy birthday.
  19. You can put the blame on me. Am sorry for not have sent this, before my phone went off. Wishing you an uncommon favor and long life. Happy birthday.
  20. I know I have done you wrong by not sending this on time, am sorry. Please forgive me, I don’t ever want to lose you, because your life has been a blessing to me. Many more years ahead. Happy birthday.
  21. Your birthday always reminds me of God’s uniqueness in creativity. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Am sorry this message came late. Happy birthday.
  22. Am sorry I didn’t send this on time, because of somethings that sprang up, but surely God’s goodness and mercies shall follow you, all the days of your life. Happy birthday, dear.
  23. I had a problem that needed immediate attention, that’s why this message is been sent now. I wish you all the good things in the world. Happy birthday, dearie.
  24. This message would have come earlier than this but I had lots of work to do at the office, I hope you understand. Wishing you divine speed in life. Happy birthday.
  25. Your attitude towards life encourages me to move on and never give up. You are my strength. I pray you to live longer. Forgive me for not sending this on time. Happy birthday to you.
  26. Though this message came late, I will never stop thanking God for your life and I also pray that celebration shall never cease from your life. Happy birthday buddy.
  27. I don’t know what must have been going on in your mind right, but am really sorry for not sending this on time. I love you and I wish you a sweet joyous happy birthday.
  28. This message was delayed but not deliberately, am sorry. I celebrate your existence because your impact is remarkable indeed. Wishing you a long life. Happy birthday.
  29. I said to myself that no matter how late this message is, I will wish you long life and prosperity. May God bless you especially, because you are a special person. Happy birthday.
  30. I know this came late, am deeply sorry. You are my treasure and the reason for my smiles. God bless the day you were born. Happy birthday, darling.

“Happy Belated Birthday Messages”

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