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Healing Text Messages & Healing Prayer Messages For Your Love

Healing Text Messages & Healing Prayer Messages For Your Love

 Send your loved ones the most powerful dose of healing messages via text from this site. It’s not just to send loving messages or Happy New Week messages if your loved one is sick. Different messages for different moments. I have powerful healing messages in texts Prayerful healing messages spiritual healing messages incredible messages for healing texts, amazing healing messages, and lovely healing messages that you can use.

The collection of messages for healing will be sufficient if a person is sick. Make sure to let them know that you love them. After the check-up phone call and add the prayers for getting well soon or romantic messages for getting well soon or inspirational messages to get well.

Healing Text Messages & Healing Prayer Messages For Your Love

25 healing text messages to show your love

Take a look at the collection of text messages to heal I’ve compiled here. You can send as many as you’d like.

  1. Today, I prayed to God to send the wind of total healing to you. I’m sure he’s working on it right now. I hope you get better soon, my dear. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  2. Rest in peace dear. You should also rest well, as it is in the time you rest that God improves the healing of your body. I’m sure of it, and my prayers are with you too. We wish you complete healing and restoration to a complete and whole body.
  3. I’m sending you all the peace you need at this moment. Although I’m not with you. You can rest at ease knowing that I’m with you in spirit. Be well, my dear. I pray that God is with you today and throughout the years.
  4. I wish you a swift recovery my sweet. I hope that you are receiving care exceptionally well there. I pray every day that this short time of waiting will end and you’ll be back to normal. We will miss our time together.
  5. The sky will pour out incredible showers of blessings, the way will be easy to take. You will always be surrounded by happiness and the love of God’s mighty will never depart from you. I wish you a speedy recovery baby. God is with you.
  6. It is my prayer that the Lord’s secure hands will shield you and that the angels will not abandon you. Your blessings from God will never be lost to you. I’m sending you my best wishes. I pray with all my heart for your quick recovery.
  7. Today is a beautiful day. I hope for the sunshine to shine upon you and shield you throughout the day. I hope that the wind will sweep away the factors of sickness from your body. I hope that the breeze carries your freshness and the joy of a brand new day over you. I wish you a speedy recovery, my dear Please get well quickly.
  8. I believe that you’re well because God said to us to prophesy, and what we say we say in our mouths will certainly be fulfilled. I pray that all the aspects of sickness will be cleansed of your body. It is your body’s temple for God and sickness shouldn’t be allowed to remain within it. You’ll be well. It’s not your fault.
  9. Dear Lord, lay your healing hands on my loved ones. Let her go from this condition. You are God’s healer, so Please help me love my family.
  10. Take a rest make use of your medications and drink plenty of water. The Lord will make perfect everything that remains to be made perfect. Get well quickly my dear and may God keep you.
  11. You lazy human. You better get well soon. I miss our shows along with the good times and the naughty me. Don’t get unwell. I love you always.
  12. I’m missing you daily I miss you every day, and I know that it’s because you’re not feeling great. I hope that God’s hands God meet you and you’re healed now. God be with you, dearie. You’ll emerge stronger and more effective. I pray for you every day.
  13. I’ve heard that you’re not being well. Therefore, I wrote to you, telling you that God should be with and protect you now and forever. I also urged God to get you fully healed because you are an extremely resilient person who doesn’t have the right to be sick in any way. I pray that God bless you. We pray that you are well.
  14. You are the most important thing to me, and so does your well-being and happiness also. I send this text message of healing to pray for complete healing and God will lay the hands of his son on you. Be well soon, baby.
  15. I’ve missed your friendship and our bonding. Being sick is like losing the best part of me. Get well quickly my dear. I pray to God to be with you.
  16. In your weakness and pains. Through your sickness and struggles. Keep in mind that I’ll be with you. I hope you get better soon, my dear. I pray that God is with you.
  17. If I had the strength to do so, I could have been able to take your sickness and pain away However, I’m a child of God and God will take everything away and make you completely healthy. Get well soon.
  18. I am aware of and sense how you are feeling at the moment. I am sorry for my inability to be available at this moment. I am sure the fact that God along with his Angels with you. I wish you the fastest recovery.
  19. What a wish to be right there by your side now. In the meantime, I’m not in a position to offer other than sending prayers to you to see that God will heal you completely.
  20. When I learned that you were suffering from illness, I couldn’t avoid worrying because the illness was the last thing I was expecting at the moment.
  21. I’m praying for your well-being right now. You are the most important person to me and I just can’t take it anymore seeing you suffering and down. I wish you healthy health today and throughout the day. Get well soon my heartfelt love.
  22. Now, I’m in the moment asking God to create an angel that will take care of me and you for me. Get well soon dear.
  23. I wish that when you read this text you’ll be happy and relaxed knowing it’s from you. I hope you are well soon honeypie. May God be with you today and throughout the years.
  24. Remember me in the present and forever and it will make you better. I pray that God bless you. Fast recovery, my dear.
  25. Your body is in the hospital, but your heart is there with me. Get well soon, my dear.

Healing Text Messages & Healing Prayer Messages For Your Love

Healing Prayer Messages for Your Love

Send a few prayers for healing to the person you love most in your desires.

  1. I might not be around to care for you at this moment. However, I’m sending you all my affection. Get well soon dear.
  2. Why are we forced to be sick at this moment? I love you dearly I hope you get better soon.
  3. I am eagerly awaiting the day when you be able to recover. I miss you, darling. I hope you get better soon.
  4. Lord of Heaven Lord of Heaven, I take (name of the person who is sick) to your care. I’m sure that you are God’s healer since you have said that in your words. We ask you to heal the sick completely and allow us to praise you in your name.
  5. I trust in God for you, because God has been God who heals. All you have to do is to be in his arms and God will completely heal you. I hope you get well soon, my love.
  6. With just a few strokes of God’s powerful hand, you’ll be healed completely. Through his stripes, you’re completely healed.
  7. Oh God my dear friends and my love is very something special to me. We’ve been in contact for a long time and have become close because of this. Please, Lord, bring him/her back to health. Bring him/her back to full health. Renew hope and make him/her completely healthy. I trust in you, oh God to completely heal. Thanks for the powerful hand of healing.
  8. I have faith and trust in your God. God because I am certain that you will cure my heart. I am sure he or she isn’t strong at the moment, but you’ll soon help him or believe, as you are God who heals.
  9. Thank you, Lord, for allowing your will to be accomplished for me in the lives of my beloved. If they have committed a sin that has caused this disease to manifest in him/her and you are unable to forgive them or them allow them to be at peace and in your secret space. Take care of him/her today and work on the things that need to be perfected. I ask you to be my Lord. Thank you for everything.
  10. I request that you show compassion and mercy to my lover and friend today. Give them nourishing food for his spirit and soul, to make him healthy physically and spiritually as well. Restore him/her completely Oh Lord. Thank you for your prayers answered.
  11. Please heal my friend, Lord, that we may meet next week to give praise to Your holy name.
  12. Dear God Please let your arms become an umbrella to protect me from this affection and friendship. Bring back his or her body and heal him/her completely. Thank you so much for everything and more, dear God as I’m sure my prayers have already been answered.
  13. God of Heaven as well as Earth. I pledge my friend to your care and love. I know that your touch can lead to healing which is amazing and that’s why I’m here to plead for your help to take care of the person who fills my heart melt. Please heal him/her completely. Thanks for the kindness. You are an incredible God.
  14. It is my faith in you to provide kindness and goodness, King of glory. I’m sure that you will be able to heal my love for my life. Thank you for everything.
  15. We need your love, affection and compassion, Lord. Help me heal the love in my life.
  16. Prayer for restoration and healing, dear God Please assist my friend to the fullest extent. With the stripes of your feet, believe that he/she is fully healed.
  17. I trust in the power of your name, and you have assured me that if I invoke the name of your god, it will be able to answer my prayers. I ask for complete and total healing (mention the name of the person who is sick). Please heal him/her completely. Thank Jesus. Jesus.
  18. I am sure you are working supernaturally and naturally. We have already begun your natural method of healing through visiting doctors. In addition, I would like to pray for your divine healing of those who are suffering. We pray that you heal them completely, O Lord. Thank you for your healing hands.
  19. God, you are the miracle worker. God, Please help my friend miraculously heal.
  20. Dear God, I’m here before you to express my need. I need your mercy and hands to heal me. We need your help to bring back the health and hope of a beloved friend. Thank you for allowing me to do everything to cure the disease, but not recognizing that the only way to healing is yours. I pray that you heal every broken area today, Lord. Thank you for your prayers.
  21. I ask God today to ensure your treatment of my wife. We will meet again on the next day to celebrate his complete healing. We thank you for the healing already, Lord.
  22. I am sure that you do not like the condition which is ravaging the body of my friend, and I ask for your total healing. Please heal him/her completely.
  23. God is the one who heals kings. Please treat my friend’s illness and make him/her whole once more.
  24. I am grateful to you, Lord because you have restored my heart completely. His health in the future will be much better than it was today. Amen.
  25. I pray that you hear me and hear my cries, oh Lord. I need your help to heal my heart completely.

Healing Text Messages & Healing Prayer Messages For Your Love

Healing Text Messages, Healing Prayer Messages from Him or Her

  1. Healing is the work of God The Lord is the only healer. Let the Lord be able to heal your condition and restore your health to you. Let you have the Lord be with you and grant you long life and abundant prosperity.
  2. You have been healed through His grace. Your present and future ailments will be gone forever. Wishing you a happy body for the rest of your life.
  3. Let your Lord restore health to you so you can live a healthy life. I am so sorry for you. I wish for long-lasting success for you.
  4. Dearest Love, I hope you’ll be well to be able to enjoy the rest of the day. Let the Lord give His Mighty hand over you and heal you of any illness.
  5. I am reminiscing about the times that we went out with our friends and the sweet moments playing at the beach, and I’m eagerly awaiting those days to return. Also, I’m praying for an immediate recovery for you.
  6. Let the Lord be able to heal you from this illness, and will you be healed of this disease, may the Lord provide you with a healthy body system that is more powerful than it was previously.
  7. Your desires will be fulfilled through the powerful name of God and your health will be restored to the best standards. I wish you a quick recovery.
  8. Get healing today Each bad luck that comes after your path will be broken into pieces tomorrow. Let your heart be filled with unending love. The suffering of this illness will be quelled through the special power of God.
  9. My concern is that you’re very sick. This has been a major obstacle for me. I pray for the healing of the Lord to start to fall upon you. The Lord will handle your suffering and transform the pain into confidence. You will be healed quickly.
  10. I command the healing power of God over you. Every evil spirit that is affecting your life will be removed from you immediately. Your glory lost will return to you in healthy health.
  11. I thank the Lord and pray for God to heal you. I would like to see you up on your feet. You’ll smile again and everything you have lost will be returned in larger amounts.
  12. However, your body reacts now I urge you to be strong. the Lord will work with your body until become yourself.
  13. Acute illness isn’t an end in itself In as long as you’re still healthy, there is the possibility that you’ll be able to recover.
  14. I am sure that your body is healing and the wound is healing and the Lord is blessing your whole body.
  15. Lord, I’m today to pray for your help in restoring the condition of my dear friend. God bless him. God our Lord bring back the health and well-being of your faithful servant my friend.
  16. Our Lord You are the one who revives the earth with water after it’s dead. Please cure my brother and help him get back to his feet.
  17. Lord, keep us safe God of our hearts, bless us and eliminate every disease of it. We need your help to heal us from all types of ailments and safeguard our home from all diseases.
  18. Your mercy is the greatest, most compassionate and precious, and above all else, we gather with you today to seek your aid in your health. Heal us from any hurt and bless us with new health.
  19. We are blessed and loved by the Lord. Eliminate this fatigue from our lives and relieve our body pain with relief. We’re here for you today for our dear brother. we ask you to bring him back to health.
  20. Dear brother Today is your day. Today is your birthday, so we wish you a speedy recovery anytime soon. I wish you the very best of luck.
  21. Fast recovery, my dear you’re resilient and I pray that you discover peace within your heart soon. I pray that God’s mercy continues to bless you for the entire hours of your existence.
  22. Every day is blessed, and each breath will be refreshed when we begin the new month. Healing will be distributed across the globe by the mercy of God.
  23. We thank God for the recovery of health of our brother. We are here to ask for your assistance to restore to health our dear sister, too.
  24. O Lord, bless my soul with health and my body with energy along with my heart with purity. Give healing to those who are sick.
  25. I wish a speedy recovery for you. Also, pray to God to stop any further illness from you. Let the healing power of the Lord start to show within your daily life.
  26. The glory belongs to the most generous who brought back his health to our dear brother. We pray that the situation is over and that it will never happen again.
  27. Lord, you are blessed in Your name. God of peace, blessed is your holyness Please bless our body with the ability to withstand any kind of pressure and activate your immune system so that it can fight every illness.
  28. Dearest Love, You are truly special. I pray for you to have an immediate recovery from this condition and healing through divine grace. God.
  29. Lord of Mercy Lord of mercy, we entrust our lives to you. We ask you to cleanse your soul and heal your ills.
  30. I prayed to the Lord to strengthen your health and give you an immune system that is stronger to fight off every ailment throughout your life.
  31. We are so sorry for you and cannot wait to see you again soon. We are missing your passes, we are missing your goals, and our team is happy that you’re absent.
  32. I pray for mercy from the Lord for you this morning. May He grant you a speedy recovery from this disease. Your body will recover in the instant.
  33. God of the universe, bless us with great health that lasts for as long as the earth. Also, heal our nation of the disease that was afflicting it.
  34. You’re free from here from now, and no more pain will befall you in addition, you can rest assured that the Lord of mercy will heal your health and grant you more promotions at work.
  35. Lord, I beg you to place your blessing hands on the beat of my heart and cure him of this illness within the shortest time possible. Guard his body against further disease shortly.


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