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How Do You Know When You Love Someone?

how do you know when you love someone
how do you know when you love someone

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Love is a feeling that someone gets when something new begins to happen in his or her life. It’s a feeling that shows that you are attached to someone. “How Do You Know When You Love Someone?”

Love gives peace of mind and shows how healthy one’s emotions can be. Feeling loved in your life is necessary because it shows how well you are with the people around you.

Feeling Love is never a bad thing and loving someone as well is also not a bad thing.

Some signs show when you are in Love with someone. And those signs are what we will be writing about today. So kindly take your time and examine how your feelings go so you can detect when you have fallen in Love.

Below are the signs that show when you love someone.


How Do You Know When You Love Someone?

  1. Happiness and Nervousness. The thought that you love someone alone will give you happiness and joy, but seeing the person close to you will always make you nervous. The thought of spending time with your partner will be really exciting and if you two have a picture together, just looking at those pictures of you on your phone is enough to put a cheesy smile on your face. When there’s this feeling of nervousness when you see someone, especially one particular person, just know that you have feelings for that person. Happiness, at the same time, nervousness is a big feeling that out is in Love with someone.
  2. Everything feels new and exciting. This is another sign that shows that you are in Love with someone. When you are in Love, you get excited to do things you have already done a thousand times without even noticing it. And also, whenever you are watching a romantic movie, the first thought that will flood your mind is that person; one particular person will always appear in your mind and memory whenever there’s a romantic movie. You wouldn’t mind spending millions of time doing one particular thing, provided that it reminds you of that person. You will always regard everything as new things, provided that it is from your Love.
  3. He or she is always on your mind at all times. Love connects two hearts, which means your partner is always at the back of your mind when you are in Love. You won’t waste time reaching out to him or her. Whenever you are alone, you will like to call or reach up to that particular person. His or her thoughts will continue to toss in your heart as long as you are still breathing. Feelings of Love are not an ordinary atmosphere that can fade anytime. It can last a very long time, especially if you see that person around you.
  4. You get a little bit jealous. Getting a little bit of Jealousy is natural. It shows that you only want your partner to be yours alone. But Jealousy becomes something else when you start having too much of it, to the extent of not allowing your partner freedom of communication and relaxation, always following and monitoring him or her in everything they do. Too much Jealousy only makes a relationship unhealthy and possessive, but a bit of Jealousy is a sign that you have fallen in love with someone that you can bear to see anyone around him or her.
  5. Their happiness will always be your priority. Love is an equal partnership, but to show that you are in Love with someone is when you will find someone’s happiness becomes important. Your actions will be that which makes them happy. It means you’re willing to do anything to make your partner’s life easier and happier. So, If you find yourself going out of your way to keep your partner dry when walking in the rain or making them breakfast on a busy weekday morning, it’s a sign you’ve got it bad.
  6. You cannot stop staring at them. If you find out that there’s this guy or girl you can’t stop staring at, no matter how much you try, it’s a sign that you are in Love with them. According to studies, it is found that couples who lock eyes show that feeling is a stronger romantic connection than those couples who don’t have eye contact. In conclusion, eye contact is a sign that shows that you love someone, especially when you are having this eye contact with one person.
  7. You start seeing your future together with them. When there’s this particular person that interests you, you will start planning your future with him or her. Seeing them in your dreams or your imagination. Thinking so much about them, imagining how close they can be with you at that moment. You won’t stop associating with them no matter how much you try. You will start thinking of your partner when making big decisions because you want them to always be there. You will always want them to be around you. Not that you won’t want some space sometimes alone. Just that when you think of being with someone, the thought of that someone you are in Love with will come to mind.
  8. You will feel like you are addicted to them. It is abnormal to feel out of your mind when you love someone. It’s completely normal because it happens sometimes. It is said that the brain of a person who has fallen in Love is the same as that of someone who has taken cocaine. This thing has been released in both instances for that same feeling, called dopamine. That is why so many people in a new relationship behave like someone who doesn’t have reasoning sometimes. You will start thinking that Love is blind, not knowing they are high at those times.
  9. You will be listening to them. You may be stubborn in your home, but when this person speaks to you, you will be calm and listen to him or her no matter how angry you may be at that moment; it’s a sign of Love. Because if you don’t love him or her, you won’t have listened to them.
  10. Change in communication. If you are the type that doesn’t call, message, or chat with people, but you find yourself calling, chatting, and messaging even to the extent of visiting this particular person just to know how he or she is feeling, it’s a good sign that you are in Love with them. When there’s a change in the level of communication, you have with them. You care so much about them and are concerned about what matters to them. That is a good sign of Love. If you notice this, my dear, you have hit the jackpot. Love is sweet when you are with the right person. When you find someone you love and care for, you will be happy for the rest of your life, especially if the person loves you back.

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“How Do You Know When You Love Someone?”


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