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How Many Kids Does Benzino Have?

How Many Kids Does Benzino Have?

Benzino is a former media personality and rapper. His real name is Raymond Scott. His best-known role was on the reality TV show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Benzino is the father of six children. Two are with his ex-wife Althea.

He has also a daughter with a former partner. Benzino is open about his challenges as a dad and says that he’s working on becoming a better one.


Benzino is the father of six children. He has two daughters and four sons. The oldest son of his is from an earlier relationship and does not participate in his music career.

Benzino has three more sons, all of whom are rappers. They are all signed by Made Men Music Group. Both of his daughters are involved in Benzino’s music career. One is a singer, and the other is a rapper.

Does Benzino have a Daughter?

You may be wondering if Benzino is a father. Yes, he has a daughter! She’s called Alani “La La”, and she is a successful actress, model, and TV personality.

Benzino has a very close relationship with La La, and she is often seen on his social media pages. Benzino shared a photo of La La and his last week with a caption that included a love message. Benzino must be a proud dad, and La La will surely be proud too!

Benzino first wife

Benzino’s real name is Raymond Scott. He was married to Althea from 1999 until 2014. The couple has two children, Jamison named son and Althea named daughter. They were both featured in the reality TV series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Benzino divorced Althea in 2014. He cited irreconcilable disagreements.

Benzino daughter

Benzino is Raymond Scott. He is a rapper, a media personality, and a reality TV star. Alani is the daughter of his ex-wife Karlene. Alani (also known as “Zino”), the daughter of Benzino & Karlene was born on 1 October 1996.

Benzino said that he was never married to Karlene, but the two were close friends for 13 years. Zino appeared with her father on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and also worked with him on musical projects. Benzino is open about his addiction and wants to use his position to help those who are struggling.

He has been very vocal about fatherhood and said that being a great father is important to him.

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How Many Kids Does Benzino Have?

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Benzino wife

Benzino is a rapper and media personality. His real name is Raymond Scott. He is best known for playing a role in the reality TV series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Althea Eaton has been his wife since 2014.

Benzino and Althea Eaton met in Atlanta, where she worked as a stripper. They began dating in 2013 and were married in 2014. Benzino said he knew he was going to marry Althea from the moment he first saw her.

Althea is Benzino’s second wife. He was married to Karlie Redd from 2010 to 2012, his first wife. Benzino has one son with Karlie, named Zino.

Benzino said he has changed since marrying Althea, and that she helped him change his life. He says she helped him become sober and get his life back on track. The couple lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Do Benzino & Althea have any children?

Benzino & Althea don’t have children together. Benzino and Althea have five children between them.

Did Benzino marry Althea?

Althea and Benzino were not married. Benzino previously married Cheryl Johnson between 1999 and 2005.

Who is Benzino’s daughter?

Benzino is a rapper, whose true name is Raymond Scott. His most notable appearances are on VH1’s reality shows Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Benzino is the father of a daughter called Alani Nicole.

Alani Nicole Scott is a girl born in 2002. She is the sole child of Benzino Eaton and his former wife, Althea. Althea Eaton and Benzino were married between 1999 and 2006.

Alani is currently a student at Georgia State University. She appeared with her father on an episode in 2019 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Benzino revealed that he would be launching a record label, and Alani was one of the artists who would sign to it.

How did Benzino get rich?

Benzino, an American rapper, is also a media personality. His appearances in the reality TV series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta are his most notable. Benzino’s estimated net worth is $4 million.

Benzino was born in Boston, Massachusetts, was born July 18, 1965. He began his music career in a hip-hop group The Almighty RSO. The group released its debut album Doomsday: The Death of America in 1993.

Benzino launched his own record company, Made Men Music Group. Benzino appeared in several reality TV shows, such as Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars. He has released solo albums such as The Benzino Project (2003), Arch-Nemesis (2005) and many others.

Benzino’s estimated net worth is $4 million. His wealth has been earned through his music career and reality television appearances.

The conclusion of the article is:

Benzino is a former hip-hop artist and reality TV star. His appearances on VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars are his most notable. Benzino is the father of three children.

Benzino’s first child was a son, Raymond Jr. Benzino has two daughters: Alaiyo, and Lyric. Benzino is open about his struggles to be a good father due to his busy work schedule and past drug addiction.

In an interview given to VH1, Benzino said that he was now sober, and he’s working hard to become a better dad to his kids.

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