Thursday, June 15, 2023

How many men are into butt stuff? — THE LIAISON

“Don’t knock it til you try it. Some tongue and reach around will change your life”
-Anonymous male, late 20s

God really put the male equivalence of a female’s g-spot in their ass and said “no homo” 💀.

In our heteronormative culture, there is shame, guilt, and confusion around men admitting they enjoy a little or a lot of butt play. The antiquated idea that to be on the insertion end of anything sexual would detract from their masculinity. To these men, to enjoy butt stuff is to admit that they enjoy something predominately revered in the gay community.

PSA: butt play does not mean you are or make you gay/bi.

I’ve tried my very best to create and build a neutral, safe and trusted community/ platform where people feel comfortable sharing their beliefs, standards, desires and experiences. So much so that I’ve become The Liaison between different groups and conversations. And I fcking love it. I find it all extremely fascinating and I’m honored people consider this platform as a trusted resource to learn & share.

Alll that being said, thank you to everyone courageous enough to ask questions & share their beliefs/ insights.

Now, let’s get down to the bottom of this 😉.

Last week, a guy from our IG community asked: how many women are open to pegging their partner(s)?

Let us first define pegging. Our beloved Urban Dictionary defines pegging as: When a woman f*cks a guy with a strap on/ dildo.

How many women are open to pegging their partner?

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