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How much moaning do men and women want from their partner? — THE LIAISON

It’s proven that communication between partners increases sexual satisfaction. Moaning IS communication. When a guy sees or hears a woman in pleasure that he’s giving her, it turns him on even more – it’s a sense of accomplishment and guidance for him. PSA: women feel the exact same way when they see/ hear their partner in pleasure.

A note for men, from women:

Please be more vocal in the bedroom. We’re not just talking about moaning, we specifically mean talking. Men are far more silent during sex. Just as moans, groans and dirty talk turns men on, it turns women on just as much. Read this article for the top 2 things women want to hear in bed.

What to say during sex:

Like what you see? SAY IT. Enjoying what you feel? SAY IT. Loving the view? DESCRIBE IT. Compliments during sexual intimacy is reassuring and empowering. This sort of intimacy can be extremely vulnerable for many people (even if they don’t show their nervousness) so when you meet your partner with affirmations, it provides comfort, empowerment and permission for sexual exploration and expression.

Ask and you shall receive.

We are responsible for communicating our needs, desires and sexual satisfaction. If someone is moving too fast, ask them to slow things down. If things could feel better, ask or show them how. Open and nonjudgemental communication is SUCH an essential part of each sexperience ;). Intimacy is meant to be a mutually pleasurable experience. The more open you are with your partner, the more they will be able to satisfy your sexual desires and needs.

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