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How Safe Is Escorting? ⋆ Rain DeGrey

Dirty Talk Advice ColumnJezabel. Lady of the night. Companion. Call it what you will, the service of providing sexual attention in return for something of value has been around for so long it is often referred to as “the world’s oldest profession.”

It isn’t just humans either. Not too long ago scientists took it upon themselves to introduce the concept of currency to a group of monkeys, as scientists are wont to do. Once the group started using currency, female monkeys started offering their favors in exchange for some sweet monkey money.

Escorting is a job that is both fetishized and shamed. People are fascinated and repulsed, often at the same time. We love the concept of a whore with a heart of gold and “Pretty Women” is a cherished film for many, but when an escort turns up missing the attitude is usually: “She should have been in a different line of work.”

Today’s column comes courtesy of a reader who wants to know: Is it safe to do escort work? That is a very good question reader. I have an answer for you. A number of answers actually.

“This might seem like a silly question, but I don’t know who else to ask. I have thought about escorting for a while now…I think I would be good at it and I want to do it. The only reason I haven’t tried it yet is because I am worried that it might not be safe. Is there any way to safely do escorting work? Or should I not try it?”– Pay For Play

Is escorting a safe career choice PFP? Not fully, no. But people do it anyway. Ultimately, it comes down to determining if it is a risk you are willing to take and looking for ways to manage the risks inherent in the profession.

Escorting Is Not Unlike Other Hospitality Jobs

Sexy CookEscorting is a job that is, in the end, customer service and hospitality. Any job that has you interacting face to face with other humans, from barista to Hooters waitress to gas station attendant, increases your chances of having bad customer interactions. Those odds are only increased when you are alone and naked in a room with a relative stranger on top of you.

Most people are reasonably pleasant but you only need one bad one to ruin your day. In the business of escorting, when things go wrong, they can go very wrong. Much worse than an irate Karen screaming at you because you messed up her coffee order. Much worse than someone complaining to your manager. More in the order of “and your family never sees you again” wrong.

That isn’t to say that many people don’t have a long, happy, and successful career as an escort. Generally, the more precautions someone takes, the better their outcome is. The quicker someone rushes into things and the less vetting they do, the higher the chances of things going sideways.

Look For Ways To Minimize Risks

Brothel TokenThere is a multitude of ways to minimize risks. Right at the top is not working alone or on the streets. Of course, those options are not available to everyone and people that are escorting by themselves on the streets are probably not doing it because it is their preference. In your case, if exploring escorting is something you are considering, you might have the luxury of trying something like a licensed brothel in Nevada. There is security and safety granted by being a brothel worker that you don’t get walking the streets.

Signing up for a residency in a Nevada brothel might be too much of a commitment for some, however. Most brothels book providers for multi-week or month-long stays, but not everyone wants to relocate to Nevada for a few months. It is quite warm out there and the environment isn’t for everyone.

Your next option is to look into agencies in your area. With a little research, you can determine what agencies are the highest-rated. Call and ask if they have any employees that you could talk with. Read reviews and see how professional the website looks. Yes, agencies do take a cut of what you earn, but they usually screen clients and provide drivers for your safety and those are very valuable services.

The More People You Have Around You, The Safer It Can Be

Escorting AloneIf you are noticing a theme here PFP, it is that the more people you have around you, the less your chances of having a date go bad. It is when one is working alone and screening potential clients by yourself that the risk factor shoots upwards. By a lot. Vetting and safety are carried on your shoulders alone and you have nobody to turn to if a situation turns ugly.

Further down the safety ladder is working for yourself and doing your own advertising and screening. It is still perfectly possible to do, but it is a higher-risk form of escorting. In the end, you are alone in a room with someone you don’t know particularly well, offering them access to your body in exchange for money. If they decide they don’t want to pay you after all or want to do more than you are comfortable with, would you have a plan in place? Or would you just hope that never happens to you?

Additionally, are you able to advocate for your sexual boundaries, insist on protection, and do you have access to reliable medical services? All of those are going to come up, and come up frequently. If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, I would suggest doing some research at your own pace. A very good first-person account of what escorting is like is the book “Rent Girl” by Michelle Tea. I recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. Rent Girl has a strong memoir base, here is a list of some other books that have more practical tips and suggestions. In general, the more research we do and the more care we put into any action, the happier we tend to be with the outcomes.

In the end, only you can decide if escorting is something you want to explore. It is a higher risk profession than say being a travel agent or an accountant. It can also be much more thrilling and well paid than being an accountant, which is why people do it. Hopefully, I have given you enough information to get closer to making a decision you are happy with. Best of luck PFP and stay safe!

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