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How Therapist Bruce Tift Helped Me Have the Balls to Marry My Wife – Bruce Tift – 483


Bruce was one of THE pivotal factors in helping me marry my wife before she slammed the door shut on me. Hear that story in this episode and why it’s so common for couples to struggle. Bruce offers a powerful frame for relationship and intimacy and makes the distinction between the developmental work we need to do, and the possibility that we are “already free” in relationship. Check it.


  • 4:29 – Jayson’s history with Bruce
  • 7:22 – Dealing with contradictions in relationships
  • 15:11 – The value of separateness
  • 23:04 – The practice of personal responsibility
  • 27:26 – Bruce shares about his marriage
  • 32:37 – How Bruce became a therapist
  • 38:42 – What is a successful relationship?
  • 43:19 – The impact of parenting on Bruce
  • 47:13 – Sexual intimacy in a long-term relationship
  • 55:43 – Personal responsibility
  • 1:01:19 – Bruce’s book, Already Free


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