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There are so many things to do to show a guy that you like him and would be very happy to date him but before that, so many people don’t value the fact that men shouldn’t be the only ones to be talking to a lady about Relationships, it’s for both because it’s expressions of emotional feeling.

Now on what to do to show a guy that you like him.

Start by making him your friend if you guys are not friends already when it’s confirmed to you that both of you are friends, try to know from him what he likes, his best color especially when it comes to clothes and footwear, you should also try to know his best designs and color as well.
When you have gotten this information from him, you can then start buying gifts for him, and of course, it must not be done in one week or one month, you have to do it gradually.

Visit him, he must not invite you before you visit him but make sure he has nothing against your visit as at that moment. Put a call to him, ask him about his day, how the weather’s condition affected him for the day. Is he busy if not make him understand that you care to make him feel special, definitely he will be happy to have your presence then while going to his house, you go with one of the gifts you bought for him.

Buy things that he needs but maybe doesn’t have the cash to buy then, give it to him as a gift, believe me, he will fall in love with you because you have gradually won his heart.

At least once a day send him a romantic message, not only love messages, but include in it a Prayer for his job and future, tell him how deep your feelings for him are, how happy you are to have him in your life, appreciate his nature and temperament, and please don’t expect him to start reciprocating immediately, because someone may be in love with him so he needs time to figure out who’s the best for him.

Above all, be a child of God, so many men want a woman who will value the presence of God in their relationship.

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