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How to be a good sister

How to be a good sister
How to be a good sister

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Do you have hard times on what to do, for you to prove to your family that you are a good sister? If that’s why you are here then relax for you at the right place to learn about it. There are many things you can be doing and you will be seen as a good sister. I will take my time to explain all that for you, so that you can know them and understand the work of a sister. Like I said read carefully for you to understand well of the things a good sister should be doing. “How to be a good sister”


How to be a good sister


  1. You must be ready to forgive.

As a sister, you should wear the garment of forgiveness and be ready always to forgive anyone in the family that hurts you bad. No matter how hard it is, or how painful you are hurt. Learn to always have the heart or mind to forgive.


  1. You must love all your family equally.

Don’t have any special love to a particular person in the family, learn to love anyone equal. I know as a human being, it will be hard for you, but if you can’t do it, then don’t allow it to be noticed. You can’t be a good sister if you side only for one person.

“How to be a good sister”

  1. You will be ready to unite them always.

YES you shall always stand up on your fit, and be ready at any time to unite your family. If your siblings are having issues, you must then stand and call them together to unite them. You shall also do the same thing to any of your family when there is misunderstanding between them. You must stand in uniting and be ready always to settle any quarrel or issues that arise in your family.


  1. Fight and defend your family.

No matter where you are, whatever the situation maybe, try to defend and fight for your family. Don’t allow your family to suffer it all alone but instead learn to stand up for them and fight for them. As long as it’s a good thing, and something that isn’t bad, it’s not good for you to support evil but if it’s something good, try to fight for your family and defend them.


  1. Advice and direct your family.

It’s your duty as their sister to direct and advice your brother(s) or your sister(s). Don’t give wrong advice or direct them in the wrong way, even if they love it, the people out there will see you as a bad sister and of which is not good, it’s only your family that can see you as a good sister. The people out there see you as a bad person that direct and support your family in evil. That means you are not getting it right.

“How to be a good sister”

  1. Give your family attention and listen to them.

You have to give your attention to your family. Listen to them and allow them to direct and advice you too on some things. Don’t claim or make yourself to be seen as someone who does not hear or listen to advice, It’s never good for you to be seen as such sister.



Being a good sister is easy but all you just need to do is to listen to that your inner heart which speaks to you. We all have conscience given to us all by God that tells us if we are doing good or bad. We need to listen to the good part of it and do something good for our family. We also need to listen to it, for us to know when and who is wrong on anything that we do.


Love your family and support them in any way that you can. Learn to be known as someone who stands up for the truth and for what are right. It’s only by doing so that you be seen and know as a good sister not just for your family but to everyone.

“How to be a good sister”

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