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How to be a good wife to your husband

Marriage is said to be a team work which both husband and wife is involved in. for a relationship to stand and last, their fate lies in the qualities of both parties in order to achieve their goal.

  • Stop complaining:

    a lot of wives out there has made the habit of complaining in any little things their husband does, have you ask yourself whether that character is scaring your husband away or not. As a wife you need to stop complaining because those people you are complaining to are not better than you are. Too much complaint can hinder the happiness in your home as well as drag your husband away from home.

  • Be charming:

    many women out there thinks that the only time to look  charming is when they are still single and when got married they drop it, you as a wife have you ask yourself the reason why your husband or men do turn as soon as they saw a pretty woman, the woman is not just pretty but the truth is that that woman is so charming that anybody that sees her must turn, so why not make yourself that charming so that your husband can never compare you with any woman at all. Being charming is not only meant for the singles but also for the wives, so can see how to be a good wife to your husband.

  • Be creative in bed:

    you don’t have to wait till your husband ask you for sex before you give it to him, and it’s not only being submissive but the most important thing is being creative in bed, that is always create a new thing on bed, show him different pattern of love, make him understand that you are wonderful on bed bet me he will always scream your name at any point and will never compare you with anybody. So you can see how to be a good wife to your husband.

  • Respect him:

    some women thinks that maybe because there husband is a quiet type so the can challenge his orders, No. no matter how quiet your husband is you have to respect him and try to follow his order unless his orders are wrong still respect him and your quiet time with him so as to correct him and advice him, he will definitely change that order turn out to follow yours smoothly. With that he will forever cherish you because you never challenge his orders even when he is wrong. So you see how to be a good wife

  • Show an interest in his interest:

    this is hard but simple, your husband maybe the drinking type, and he always find happiness in drinking but you as a wife do not like that at all, don’t detest him, don’t hate him or quarrel for that reason , because if you do he will definitely find a reason to drink out at any little chance on doing so he may end up meeting wrong friends and from there his character will automatically change, instead find a way to stop him from going outside to drink, buy that drink inside your home, surprise him as well as drinking with him in your home, go out with him to drink if he wishes to, like what he likes so that you will help him stop it if it is a bad one. So you see how to be a good wife to husband

  • Be supportive:

    your husband is your companion and because marriage is a team work, you as a wife have a duty of supporting your husband at all cost provided that he is putting effort for the happiness of the family. Are you the type of wife that will leave your husband due to he has no money, or because there is no money you start misbehaving? No. you are the only surviving tissue your husband needs because when a husband lost his wife support he will definitely lakes happiness and when there is no happiness and live in marriage every good things will be slow and the family will undergo hardship. So always support your husband in what he is doing with that you are encouraging him to do more and he will forever cherish and talk good of you any time any day. So this is how to be a good wife to your husband.

  • Appreciate his effort:

    are you that type of wife that is greedy to the extent that no matter what your husband do or give you, you will not regard or appreciate them even when you notice that he suffered to get them. at time you as a wife suppose to swallow your pride and appreciate him even though they are not what you want , but provided that he give it to you with love, take it , cherish it as if, it worth more than a gold, bet me the way you cherish that little thing he got will always motivate him to get more any time he sees an opportunity

  • Give him some space:

    it is difficult but easy, it is true that jealousy is part of love but over jealousy leads to damage, sometimes you have to give your husband to space to feel free , let him not feel that he is into some cage due to he married you. Let him have some freedom .with that he will be happy and love you more because he will only believe that you trust him                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  • Pick the right fight:

    as a wife it is good to fight but fight wisely, and fight I mean is not fighting like warriors but I mean arguing over some issues. But let it be at the right time and right incidence. Some wives pick a fight at any giving issues which is not good, because your husband may take it as usual and start getting tired of you and will always like to be away from home

  • Be trustworthy:

    as a wife if you lie to your husband who else will you tell the truth. Your husband is your companion so he deserve to know every truth about everything ,with that he can defend you to every length. Truth they said is hard to say but when speaking it will every wound and stop havoc. so this is how to be a good wife to your husband.

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