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How To Be Good On Bed As A Woman

How to be good on bed as a woman
How to be good on bed as a woman

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As a woman, it is very necessary to understand what needs to be done whenever you are with your partner. Being in charge in every romantic step in your relationship sometimes it’s really awesome. So we are writing on the things you need to do in bedroom so that you will be perfectly good on bed. Read and understand every lines of this topic. “How To Be Good On Bed As A Woman”


How to be good on bed as a woman.


Be the first to make a move.

Many men are attractive to a woman who makes the first move on the bedroom. As a woman, when you initiate the first step, your partner will see that as demonstrating confidence and asserting that you go after what you want. And that will automatically increase his arousal too.


Let the right mood be settled.

Start up an act that will increase his excitement and desires.

Foreplay is a great way for you and your partner to increase your sex drive. Foreplay can include any activity that leads up to sexual intercourse:

Those acts include-.

Whispering your desires to his ears.

Kissing him all over his body romantically, and massaging him and smiling directly into his eyes.

Slowly taking your clothes off in front of him.

There is no right or wrong way to do foreplay. As long as whatever you are doing is consensual and sexually stimulating for both of you, go for it!


Try different positions

Do not always give him one position, sometimes you need to try several positions, especially the ones that he likes the most.

Trying different positions can also help keep the passion alive if you have been with him for a while, or if you are the one playing the role. The partner on top is in a more dominant position, and being underneath or behind can be more submissive.

“How To Be Good On Bed As A Woman”

Do not be silent during sex.

Being vocal during sex with moans, sighs, grunts, or whatever else comes out of your mouth in moments of pleasure can help motivate your partner that you are enjoying what is happening. Making some sexual noise can keep your sexual activity steady and communicating, it can also increase the pleasure.



Let him see all of you

It is better to be your full self so that your partner can see all of you. Keep a little light on so as to be clear and visible for him to see all of you and your face too, it will help to increase the arousal and give him the mind that you are enjoying it or not.



Don’t be distracted.

Learning how to be confident on bed involves being able to be in the moment without distraction. Sure, you may have spent some time getting yourself ready, but once you are on bed, your focus should be on how you feel, not on how you look, or thinking about one problem or the other.

“How To Be Good On Bed As A Woman”

Open up to him.

Sexual confidence is built by knowing what you want and getting it. If there is something you know you like that he is not doing, find a constructive way to offer feedback without criticizing his efforts. If you can, try showing him how you want it so he can follow your lead. Open up to him, let him know exactly how you want it, you may not say it but you can act.



Having read all that we believed that you can now be able to understand how to be good on bed. If you follow every step listed above, you will be the best on bed, and your partner will ever be calling up your name every seconds. Drop your comments if you have any


“How To Be Good On Bed As A Woman”

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