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How to Find a Couples Coach — The Connected Relationship

You and your partner have a pretty good relationship.  You’ve been together for a while now.  You don’t argue (much).  And when you do argue, you don’t rip each other’s heads off (often).  But you’re both realizing that the past couple of years has taken a toll on your relationship.  Things aren’t bad, bad (yet, knock on wood) but you don’t want them to get worse, so you’ve been talking about looking for some support to help you smooth off the rough edges of your relationship and are considering Couples Coaching.

We want to help you find a Couples Coach

With as hard as life has been recently, wouldn’t it be nice for something to be easy? Wouldn’t it be magical to have the perfect relationship support pop out of nowhere? It can be almost that easy with the following tips…

  1. Search the interwebs.  That’s what we do these days, right? That’s where to start with Couples Coaching, as well, so that you can have a full understanding of what your options are.

  2. Check the reviews.  Yep, see what other people have to say about their experience with the Couples Coaching.

  3. Ask your friends. If you know that others of your couples friends have had a good experience with a Couples Coach, get the deets from them.

  4. Schedule a Consultation.  You’ll get the most out of Couples Coaching if you feel like you connect with your Couples Coach, and many of them schedule a free consultation so that you can get an idea of how they can help and get a feel for if you “vibe” together.

A Free Couples Coaching Consultation

We’re Shamon and Yolanda Harper, The Connected Relationship.  We’ve been together for more than thirty years and have studied with the top relationship experts to help couples improve their relationship.  We’re a couple coaching couples and we’d love to connect with you for a conversation about how we can help you improve your relationship.  Schedule your free consultation HERE to see how we can help!

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