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How to Forgive Your Partner And Restore Relationship

Has your partner cheated on you and asking for forgiveness now? Has your partner hurt you by saying something mean and want your forgiveness? Has your partner lied to you and, after realizing seeking forgiveness from you?

Under several such situation, you might have to forgive your partner but how? This article will explore the probabilities of how to forgive your partner.

It’s hard to know how to forgive your partner when you cared about them and they have hurt you deeply. You want to move on, let it go, but something restricts you from doing that.

There are many ways to forgive your partner. Some find it hard, but they are doable only if you want to forgive.

If you are convinced that your partner has realized the mistakes or the wrongdoings and wants to reconcile, you may forgive and give them a second chance to prove their worthiness.

We will discuss how to forgive your partner under different circumstances.

How to forgive your partner for cheating—

Cheating is never good in a relationship. Someone who cheats on their partner is breaking the trust of the one they love. The possibility that they can get away with it is slim.

However, in several relationships, partner forgives their significant other the one who cheats and give their relationship a second chance.

The dynamics of every relationship are different. If you have been cheated by your partner and he feels sorry for his actions, it’s your call what to do with them.

Forgive him or not, either way you have to deal with the cheating.

Can you forgive your partner? If yes, how?

The answer differs from person to person. How will you forgive depends on how emotionally you are deeply rooted in your relationship?

Remember, acceptance and forgiveness never happen overnight. It needs patience and might take an unbounded time.

You can forgive your partner for cheating only when you have accepted your fate and feel there is a hope for reconciliation in your relationship.

If you are thinking already of forgiving your partner for cheating on you, it can be a tough decision. As you never know, your partner may repeat the same and you no longer be able to put back the broken pieces of your heart in place.

The easy way to forgive your partner for cheating –

Identify your emotions.

Certainly, you are hurt and broken, but you need to identify about your feelings and thoughts about forgiveness.

Are you comfortable enough to forgive your partner? Do you feel okay being around your partner? Have the level of your grief.

Evaluate does your partner truly feels sorry for his actions? Are they someone you can forgive? Can they be trusted anymore?

These are some of the basics that will come first in your mind when you think of forgiving your partner.

Once you get all the answers, forgiving your partner won’t be that difficult.

how to forgive your partner for cheating

Take Time.

How long does it take to forgive your partner who has cheated on you?

There is no fix time. It varies from person to person. It may take a few months or a few years. It takes ample of time to heal from the episode.

That you have been cheated by the one person you love and care the most is hard to accept. It takes time to heal the invisible wound that affects both mentally and emotionally. Sometimes it takes a toll on the health too.

It’s hard to let go your partner’s infidelity. You might not be able to trust anyone anymore. Cheating is a major breach of trust and it’s extremely hard to rebuild trust in a broken relationship

As long as there is resentment, anger and grief, forgiveness won’t come easily. Once you are over with all the emotions and moved on, you can forgive your partner easily.

How to forgive your partner who has hurt you –

how to forgive your partner who has hurt you

Forgiveness doesn’t mean what happened was okay. Fred Luskin, director of the Stanford University, sees forgiveness as a way to make peace.

Forgiveness realises us from the chains of past. If your partner has hurt you, establish a communication and express your feelings.

Sometimes they may behave recklessly and do not consider hurting your feelings. They knowingly hurting you. There is no place for forgiveness there.

But if your partner seeks forgiveness from you for their actions and is concerned about the wellbeing of the relationship, you must forgive.

How will you forgive?

Analysis and Evaluate.

I would tell first to analyse your partner’s behaviour. Why they did what they did? Are they sorry for what they did? Was it intentional? Has hurting you affect them? Is the mistake serious or easily forgivable?

Understand and evaluate. It would be easier for you to decide about should you should forgive? How long will it take to forgive?

Is Your Partner Worthy of Forgiveness?

Let your partner realize what they have done. If they truly love you, respect and care for you, hurting you unknowingly will certainly affect them. Think how much important is that person for you and the reverse.

If your partner gives you a million good reasons to be with you, one minor mistake can be forgivable. If the relationship is everything for your partner, why not to forgive?

Every couple goes through some difficulties in their relationship. They hurt each other, say mean things to each other when angry, been away from each other, but forgiveness always has a way to find peace in a relationship.

How to forgive your partner after an argument –

When my husband and I have an argument, it rarely lasts long. We don’t drag to days and sleep angrily. There are reasons and ways that keep our relationship mostly away from an argument.

Argument is good. Couples should argue where there are disagreements. But to maintain peace, you should know where to put the finish line.

Every couple fight in their relationship. But sometimes things get out of hand and the fight becomes nasty. You or your partner may say something mean or behave disrespectfully towards each other.

When you realize you say sorry and mostly things get settled down. But sometimes it doesn’t when your significant partner hurt you badly and you need some time to cool off.

So, the best way to forgive your partner after an argument is to have a proper communication.

I have always emphasized on the communication part. How effective communication is important and can bring positive changes in a relationship.

After having an argument, never drag the matter till night or the next day. Take some time to cool off and then sit together and talk about what happened. Listening part is important to each other what each has to say.

Once you understand each other’s thoughts, find a solution and reconcile that the relationship is important than the petty argument. You will see how much easier it will be to forgive.

Let it go and move on after the argument. Both must put efforts together to feel the same way.

Forgiving your partner after a messy argument is essential for the future of your relationship. Remind yourself to be compassionate and understanding of one another’s perspective.


How to forgive your partner for lying? –

Lying to your partner is a major betrayal and sometimes a simple apology is not enough.

Relationships are complex, and trust holds a relationship firmly. When you lie to your partner, either way, your significant other will find out. Is your lie worthy of breaking the trust of your partner?

It takes effort and time to establish trust in a relationship and when you lie; it takes only a second to break the trust.

You may get the forgiveness but mostly it is impossible to rebuild trust in a relationship.

If you find out that your partner has lied to you or has been lying, your mind will race with thousands of thoughts.

It’s hard to understand why your partner has lied to you. To be able to forgive, you must read your partner’s mind. Talk to them about why did they lied. Understand the motive behind the necessity of lying.

Some lied out of habit. That’s never acceptable. They will lie a countless to hide another lie. How can you deal with that? Well, you can’t. But your partner can learn how to stop lying to save your relationship.

After you confide in the situation, your partner might feel insecure about his position in the relationship. Eventually, he apologizes and seeking for a second chance.

Indeed, every person should get a second chance. But the question is, can you forgive and if yes, then how?

Has your partner accepted about the lying?

When you confront your partner about lying, does the person denies or accept?

If you have a good relationship with your partner, give them the confidence of security. Let them know that you want to hear them out about why they have lied. If there is something you can do, so that this won’t happen again.

Let them know that you want to listen to the truth from them. Observe their reaction and how they behave after you confront.

This will make things easier for you to know are they are looking for forgiveness.

Is your partner feeling sorry?

man holding forehead under sunset

Evaluate if your significant other is really feeling sorry. Sometimes, for the sake of forgiveness, the other person pretends to be sorry, which in reality, he is not.

Evaluate if needed. Take your time to communicate before you forgive.

Forgive doesn’t mean you are forgetting the issue. Even if you forgive, keep a check on their behavioural pattern. Do not trust them blindly.

If they feel sorry, hoping for forgiveness, and if you are ready to let it go, forgiving won’t be difficult. If there is love, respect and understanding between you and your partner, certainly you can forgive your partner easily.

But also, do not give your partner a clean cheat. As lying can deliberately happen, so you should be cautious enough to not get bluffed.

How to forgive your partner for past mistakes? –

Forgiveness is an act of letting go. If your spouse or partner has done something wrong with you in the past, which you can’t forget neither forgive. But it’s been a long time and time has healed your pain.

Now, you want to forgive your partner for past mistakes and let go of everything attached to the past.

But you cannot forgive because you feel you haven’t been honest about your feelings and neither have you communicate in the past about what had happened.

If you and your partner want to reunite and start your relationship fresh, forgetting about the past, you must open up to each other first about the suppressed feelings.

Even in a happy and healthy relationship, couples make mistakes. But it can be corrected if it is done the right way.

  • To forgive your partner for past mistakes, you must understand each other.
  • Communicate openly about what happened and why it happened.
  • Does both want to give your relationship a second chance and make the relationship stronger and better?
  • Understand yourself and deal with your feeling, thoughts and emotions before forgiving your partner.
  • You can forgive when you are emotionally and mentally good. When you are healed. Positive and assertive about things in your life. You can forgive when you know how to deal with grief.

These are some of the ways that can make things better in your life and forgiving your partner won’t be that hard.

In a nutshell, you can forgive your partner for whatever reasons when you are ready.

two person holding hands

How to forgive your Partner in general

Be Realistic

Be realistic about your situation. Like I mentioned in the above, when something nasty happened with you and your partner has hurt you, change your perspective.

Indeed, you will be lost in millions of thoughts. Remind yourself that it’s not the end of the world neither your life. Take your time, evaluate yourself, understand what happened, and react.


Communicate with your partner patiently. Try to understand and listen to his/her perspective and why they did what they did.

You might not want to face them or see them as they remind you of their wrongdoings, and that hurt you immensely. So, better you take as much time as you need and come to talking terms only when you are ready.


Acceptance makes it easier for you to forgive your partner. Accept that your partner has cheated on you or betrayed or has lied to you for years. You have fallen in love with the wrong person. Accept that it was a life lesson in disguise.

Once you accept your fate, you will stand firmly and get your life into a grip. You can take a decision if to forgive. But acceptance will help you to move on and let go of your past.

It will open an alternative path for you.

Be empathetic

Forgiveness lets you go free and makes you feel better. If you are empathetic towards your partner, forgive them. Forgiving doesn’t mean you are forgetting, but it will ease off your heart and mind from a burden.

If your partner is truly sorry for the mistakes, and asking for forgiveness, be compassionate and humble. You don’t have to stay with them if you don’t want to. But let your behaviour and character speaks.

Good Vibes Only sand text

How to forgive your partner and move on

We have already discussed the part ‘how to forgive your partner.’ Now, given a circumstance if you have already forgiven your partner and you want to move on with your life.

How would you do that? You have taken a huge step in your relationship journey by forgiving your partner.

The act of forgiveness is not easy, but it’s an essential ingredient for healing and growth. Moving on after forgiving can be both liberating and challenging. It is important to remember that forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting or condoning past actions, rather, it signifies a willingness to let go of resentment and create space for rebuilding trust.

You must allow yourself moments of introspection where you can examine how this experience has shaped you and identify any patterns or triggers that may arise in future relationships.

To be able to moving on for yourself, you would have to consider your partner’s intentions. Do they want to stick with you in the relationship, want to mend what’s broken?

If so, rebuilding trust is undoubtedly challenging but vital for any healthy partnership post-forgiveness. Sit, take a few hours to have a clear conversation with each other and set boundaries.

You must have a clear picture of what your partner is willing to do to save the relationship. Will they consistently put efforts towards mutual respect, vulnerability, and genuine remorse if necessary.

The vital vital thing would be to focus on personal growth. You must invest time in activities that bring joy and fulfillment into your life. Exploring new hobbies, set goals for yourself, or reconnect with friends who uplift and inspire you, all these help you moving on easily.

When you have given everything into your relationship and despite of all you have been the victim, but you have a huge heart and have forgiven your partner. Now, it’s time for your partner to step up and restore the relationship.

When you could move on, you could concentrate in the well-being of yourself, your professional life and your children as well.


You can never go forward with resentment and angry in your heart. Forgiveness is a way to let go of all the negative feelings you have for the person.

What should you not forgive in a relationship?

There are many things that can strain a relationship, but some things should never be forgiven. Relationships are built on trust, respect, and loyalty. When that foundation is damaged, it can be difficult to rebuild.
Two things that if your partner commit in a relationship should never be forgiven:
-Physical violence
Forgiveness shouldn’t be an easy option. If your partner don’t respect your position in your relationship. If there is a constant lying, your partner is cheating on you and physically abuses you, you must leave the relationship. As these its’ not healthy anymore to stick to your partner.

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