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How to Get Accurate Online Marriage Predictions and Match Kundali

How to Get Accurate Online Marriage Predictions and Match
How to Get Accurate Online Marriage Predictions and Match

People are undoubtedly curious about the future of their lives and the direction it will head in. After a certain age, the question of marriage pops into every individual, whether they want to get married or not. Marriage can be a beautiful union between two individuals and can completely change your life for the better, However, at the same time, certain marriages can have troublesome effects on your life. For someone who’s still confused, the whole process can be a highly stressful occurrence. 

Nowadays, astrologers have found a great solution to ease the burden and confusion that comes with the responsibility of getting married. If you find yourself asking, When will I get married” or “Will I have a long and prosperous married life?” often, then maybe you should make the visit to your local astrologer. You can also get online sessions for free marriage predictions from a professional and authentic practitioner. 

In Vedic astrology, you can decipher multiple aspects of your marriage life, including when you’ll get married, whether you’ll have a love or arranged marriage, and the types of problems that may arise before, during, and maybe after the marriage. 

In this article, we will discuss how to get accurate readings about your marriage life from your kundali or natal chart. Here are some factors to consider:

Marriage prediction based on date of birth: 

Marriage astrology is a very specific task that can be broken down into three parts- knowing when you’ll get married, understanding how prosperous your marriage will be and kundali reading for marriage. To aptly predict this aspect, you will need your Janma Kundali, Navamsa, or D9 chart and an understanding of the Jaimini Principle. 

You may already know that there are elements in your kundali that signify different aspects of your life. Let us discuss these.

  • Houses that affect your marriage life. 

In Vedic astrology, the 7th house is responsible for all relationships, including marriage. Even relationships like partnerships, professions, and long term relationships are specified in the 7th house. If you do not get married but are going to be with a person for a long time, the 7th house will tell you about it.

The 7th house and the 7th lord are key characters in the prediction of marriage. The 8th house also plays a role in describing how sustainable and stable your marriage will be. 

Apart from these, the 2nd house and lord of the 11th house have a part to play. The second house talks about family life while the 11th house depicts social gatherings and friends, which is why you’ll need the blessing of the lord of 11th house. 

  • Planets that are affecting your marriage life.

Venus and Rahu are important planets determining your love life. Irrespective of their lordship or planetary position, in their Dasha the two planets can aptly tell you of the timing of marriage. 

Venus naturally signifies marriage, so even if when there’s no connection of Venus with the 7th house, if the planet is running its ruling period, you’ll see results in the direction of a union and the same holds true for Rahu in its Dasha and Antardasha periods. This is why these two planets are of vast importance when you reach marriageable age. 

You might have heard the kundali being used for multiple purposes and yielding accurate results, so you may wonder why you need a dimensional chart. The birth chart is an accurate representation but is not always specific. It can be vague and leave you a little confused and unable to make a decision. This is why a macroscopic view will give you more insight, and this is where the D9 chart comes in handy. 

The lord of the 7th house of the navamsa chart is important here as the 7th house even in this chart holds the same function. 

The jaimini principle is a little different from Vedic astrology. The planet having the lowest degree called the Darakaraka signifies marriage, with Dara meaning spouse. Under this principle, Chaara dasha is used instead of the more popular Vimsottari Dasha. The house the darakaraka is placed in rules over and its placement in the navamsa chart is crucial in marriage predictions. 

Steps to check Marriage according to Kundali: 

This process takes place in three steps:

Step 1:

  1. Locate the lord and occupants of the 7th house in kundali and navamsa chart.
  2. Locate the lord and occupants in the 8th house in kundali and navamsa chart.
  3. Locate the darakaraka planet. 

Step 2:

Understanding delays or challenges in marriage becomes an important aspect. You will have to check to see whether there is a yoga that causes a delay in your chart, if Saturn affects the 7th house or lord, or if the 8th lord afflicts the 7th house as these may cause delays. A higher degree of impact from these conjunctions can also indicate that a person might not get married at all. 

Step 3:

  1. Check Vimsottari Dasha, especially in the 7th house.
  2. Check Chara Dasha for the ruling period of the darakaraka.
  3. Check the transit where Jupiter and Saturn would be impacting the 7th house, lord of the 7th house, or upapada lagna in transit. 

Once you’re done checking all these aspects, you can get a clear idea of the time and prosperity of your marriage. Using simply your Kundali to check marriage predictions is also suitable, but comparing charts and dasha systems can give you a keen knowledge of every aspect of married life. 

Figuring out a lot of these elements and systems may be confusing at first and will need constant revisiting. If you’re unable to decode these aspects, you can always get accurate marriage predictions for free from a trusted and reputable astrologer.

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