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How to get over a breakupHow to get over a breakup and move on

How to get over a breakup and move on. Some tips to help you if you are going through a relationship breakup and need to move on.

If you are reading this, chances are you are going through a breakup and are trying your best to get over the person who you thought you would be with forever. Maybe you are stalking their social platforms and crying more than you thought were possible. Either way, accepting it is no longer serving you to be sad and you need to move on is going to be the thing that helps you.

Remember who you are.

Rediscover old interests that you had. Say yes to going to that group or class with a friend and set yourself new challenges to focus on. Did you used to run or go to spin class every week? Did you have plans to travel the country and visit new cities? Make plans and start actioning them.

Get rid of triggers.

Whether its old photos or gifts they got you, the bedding or artwork you chose together. Get rid of it all, sell it on and replace with things you have chosen for yourself. Reinvent your space to make it all about you. If you are struggling to get rid of photos because you have the classic ‘hope’ of getting back together, put them all on a memory stick or in a folder somewhere and at least remove them from your socials and phone.

Go no contact.

You are probably wanting to stay friends or stay connected somehow but it’s for your own good to go no contact. You will only be focusing on them, your relationship, why it ended and using their communication with you as a means to hold onto them. Perhaps once you’ve recovered from the breakup, you can reconsider whether friendship with your ex is a good idea.

Balance your thoughts.

You may be blaming yourself and putting your ex up on a pedestal. You are probably thinking that if you just behave differently, you can fix the problems and things will go back to how they were. This is not your fault. It was a two way street and it took both of you to create the dynamic of the relationship. Think about the things you disliked about your ex and the things you did well in the relationship too.

Talk to a professional.

Talking with a professional can help you to recognise negative relationship patterns and identify what you truly want out of your relationships moving forward. It can be useful in helping you to think more rationally about the breakup and support you to move on.

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