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How to Make Better Decisions in The Face of Uncertainty?

How to Make Better Decisions in The Face of Uncertainty?


The future is shaping up to be even more unpredictable than usual. Individuals and organizations are now operating in an environment of a higher degree of uncertainty and speed.

While you cannot eliminate uncertainty, you can still do your best to reduce it as much as possible. There’s a big difference between embracing uncertainty as an invitation to explore things further and viewing it as an excuse to halt curiosity altogether.

This is where the PrOACT 31000 decision-making framework comes in. It can help you make better quality decisions under uncertainty.

Uncertainty comes in degrees, or shades of grey. It is not black or white.

Let’s take two common responses I often hear:

  • #1 — “I will never know everything, but I can attempt to figure some of it out.
  • #2 — “I will never know everything, so there’s no point in even trying.

Person #1 accepts the situation but tries to explore it, while #2 takes a nihilistic view of indifference and apathy.

A statement like “I will never know everything” can be a vote for uncertainty. What you decide to do with that declaration thereafter will determine the level of success you can achieve. Having a positive mindset can make a difference between success or failure.

Person #1 believes that we should try to figure things out amid uncertainty. Although she accepts that she will never learn everything, she still wants to discover some semblance of certainty regardless. She is committed to the pursuit of truth while being humble enough to know that she will uncover only a tiny sliver of it in her lifetime.

Alternatively, Person #2 takes the reality of uncertainty and lets it overwhelm him with inaction and indecision. His nihilistic view puts him in a position where he will contribute nothing to his success. That lack of curiosity will likely have unfavorable consequences that extend to other parts of his life.

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