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How To Make Him Miss You: The 5 Most Powerful Suggestions

How To Make Him Miss You: Maybe you two are taking a break, or he doesn’t want to get serious yet, so he wants to see how things go while still being friends. You may have just broken up even though you still care about each other, and you want to know how to make him miss you.

If he still cares, he will eventually come back, but you don’t want too much time to pass, or else someone else might catch his eye. Here are the five best ways to make him miss you so much that he wants to return to you instead of you having to beg him to return.

1. Resisting the temptation to call

You want him back in your arms so severely and don’t want him to look at anyone else, so you call and text him all the time to keep him thinking about you. What you’re doing is annoying him, and he’ll get sick of it quickly, so you should stop and resist the urge to contact him. If you intended to be together, you wouldn’t need to try so hard to get in touch with him.

Step back and do more things you’ve been putting off, like hobbies or dreams. You could use that energy to meditate, do yoga, or spend time in nature. When his phone stops going off all the time, he’ll start to wonder where and who you’re paying all your attention to now that he’s not there.

2. Spending high-quality time with friends

It’s time to talk to your mates and have a good time with them. This is not the time to cry on their shoulders and ask for help. Instead, you should go out and show everyone how strong you are. Get your old friends to want to hang out with you, whether at the mall, the club, or just for lunch.

When you possess fun with your friends, word will spread quickly. If one of your buddies posts a picture of you all hanging out and having fun, it will get to one of his friends and then back to him through a third party. He’ll start scratching his head because he might think you’re moving on, which is not what he expected.

3. Sharing your memorable moments

Whether you decide to go hiking on the trails by yourself or to an outdoor event with your mates, start posting good pictures on your social media accounts. Post pictures that don’t tell much about a concert, a trip to the seaside you took, or the clubs you went to. Don’t give too many details; the point is to show what might be heading on when you think about what you’ve been doing.

He is checking your profile pages to see how the breakup affects you. When he sees that you are attempting to put things back together without him, he will think about all the fun times he would have had with you. This is just what you want to happen in a roundabout way.

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4. Running into some of his best friends

If you require to make him miss you faster, all you have to do is plan to run into some of his closest friends accidentally. Make sure you look your best and try to look stunning. Then, attempt to be in a location where you know some of his friends work or often go and make sure a few of your friends run into them.

If his best friend tends to work at the mall and you occur to be walking by when he gets off, and he perceives you are looking beautiful and having fun with friends, he will tell your ex. 

When he tells your ex that he saw you and thought you were hot, his blood will boil, and the little rat race in his head will start to spin. You’re not supposed to be having fun, you’re supposed to be sad, and now he realizes he may have let a great one go.

5. Think about spoiling yourself more

When you make everything about him, he pulls away. Instead, from now on, but all that energy into yourself. Take a day and get your hair cut. You’ll feel better about yourself. Take a day and go to a spa. You’ll look and feel great.

Every day that you turn that attention back on yourself, you not only fight the urge to go after him, but you also make him wonder how you can go on without him. When he starts to think about all the ways you might meet someone else, he will miss you more each day. Soon, he won’t be able to stand being away from you.

Take your time

These five ways to make him overlook you take time and effort, so don’t give up if he’s not back in your weapons by tomorrow. If you gradually go through this list, he will also think about you, but he will also know in his heart because you’re the one for him. Once he helps make that connection, he won’t be able to miss you anymore.

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