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How to practice self-care after a breakup

How to practice self-care after a breakup when all you seem to be doing is putting yourself down or feeling unhappy. Maybe you are doing the classic thing of blaming yourself and thinking you were the only problem. Here are some ways to start practicing self-care after a breakup.

Reintroduce what used to make you feel good. Before that relationship came along and became your world, what did you used to enjoy doing and what made you feel fulfilled or confident? Try those things again. Remember how happy you were and could again be without that person.

Exercise. Do something active, whether it’s gradually getting back into a hobby you once had such as running or cycling. Maybe you could start by walking the dog a little further each day. Try to ensure you are being active a few times a week as this will boost endorphins which will in turn increase your level of happiness.

Breathe. Focus on your breathing, notice your breathing and try to be mindful and in the moment. See if there is a mindfulness piece you find relaxing that you can access on YouTube. Try to find ways to relax your mind and body and try to be kind to yourself in those moments.

Allow yourself time to cry. At first you are probably going to be crying a lot and really wallowing in your sadness and this is quite normal so gather your friends and let yourself grieve. It is a part of the process so try to let it happen without judging yourself. It will pass but in those moments when you feel it the most therefore let yourself feel it in order for it to be able to then pass later on.

Talk it out. It’s not just about talking to your friends about why it ended. Talk to a professional who can guide you through the process in an effective and healthy way. Breakup-help can offer you a free telephone session- book yours here.

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