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How To Resolve Infidelity In Marriage As It Affects Women.

As a lady, if your hubby or boyfriend, or fiance is having extramarital affairs with another lady, there is no need to quarrel with him or that other lady in question. Battling with any one of them is looking down upon you and undeserved.

You have the following options to use and resolve the problem of infidelity in your marriage or relationship:

1) Talk about the problem and forgive him for it.
2) Report your husband for a couple’s counseling session or human rights. 
3) You have to end the union and move on if you can’t take it anymore and also for the safety of your emotional and mental well-being. 

4) You have to take a pause or separation to reexamine the whole thing.
There’s no need to fight a man who has decided to become a loosed pipe around other ladies because you have all things they have with them. What’s needed at that point is not a physical quarrel, but a courageous conclusion. A physical confrontation is inadvisable and might entice a reprisal from the husband or the other lady as nobody would want to be pounced on. 

A determination will deal him and the cheating girlfriend a tremendous blow.
Cheating is a deep ailment. Additionally, more often than not, it’s very tricky to address. Most people who are found in infidelity hardly stop because infidelity on its own is an addictive pill. Thus, a fight can’t figure it out, but courageous determination could be the best chance.

I can still figure out to some extent the scenario where a wife quarrels with her husband over his side chick or a wife fights a side chick over her husband.   
In an issue of cheating, a wife shouldn’t face the lady cheating with her husband, but the husband himself. The husband is the problem, not the other woman. 

Organize yourself and be willing to talk things over with him. If marriage gets to the point where one is losing their mind or well-being, it should be jettisoned. I have seen and read where women were urged to keep fighting for their marriages. It’s okay, and I have nothing against the idea. But shouldn’t the men also be asked to stop ill-treating women in marriage by their selfish and careless actions and reactions? Is it only women who should work at pushing a marriage work? Shouldn’t the men “be fighting” for its victory also?

Frankly speaking, no wife should die over a husband who has made up his psyche to hurt her emotionally, mentally, and physically. Marriage as planned by God isn’t a curse and shouldn’t be to anyone. Marriage only works when the two partners do the right things. Please, let’s stop encouraging and informing our women to bear and endure men’s sins in the name of building a home while we keep absolving men of their marital indecencies. That’s not marriage, but a correctional center.
Written by Coach Joshua – A marriage and Relationship therapist

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