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How To Talk To People

We get to meet different people from different places, homes, origin, tribe, country, day by day as long as life is concerned. Talking to people has been so far one of the best way of getting to know people, because our words tell more about us.

Talking to people especially strangers most atimes seems difficult, because sometimes you don’t really know what to say and how to say it. Are you finding it hard to talk to people, don’t worry, let’s help you out. Just follow the lead we will be giving you and you will find talking to people easier than expected.

The first place a person looks at you immediately you approach him is your face, whether a child or an adult, before any other eye contact. A facial expression sometimes speaks more than words, because you can see the state of the heart or the mood of a person through the face. Sometimes, having terrible oral hygiene can make someone insecure about smiling. Don’t be afraid to visit a dentist to decide on a solution — for example, you can opt for dental implants in Woodbridge.

Putting on a smiling face while approaching someone is one of the best way to make the person feel at ease with you or have a sense of feeling that you are extending a hand of friendship towards him.

Smiling at the person will also makes the person curious and eager to talk to you, because they want to know why you are smiling at them and this makes talking to people easier for you.


Be bold and confident enough to approach the person no matter the expression on the person’s face, overlook his attitude and do not be scared or intimidated. Being courageous will help you flow with whatever you have to say to the person without mincing words or stammering.

Without your knowledge, the person you are approaching is really interested in your gut or confidence. Being bold enough to speak to him or her will make him give room for your conversation, but when you lack courage, he or she will ignore you and walk away or get himself busy with one thing or the other, probably saying in his mind that you don’t have any better or useful things to say to him, so he rather not waste his time listening or talking with you.

Talk To People

This is another strategy of how to talk to people. After you must have approached the person, look for one thing or the other to compliment in the person. You can do this in many ways like if the person is wearing a beautiful dress or he is on a good attire, you can tell him that the cloth really looks good on him and also ask him where he bought it and how much it was sold, from this, you start talking to the person.

Secondly, it may come as an encouragement. You can encourage the person on what he or she is doing and tell them that they are really doing it well. For instance, if the person is a seamstress or a tailor, you can begin by appreciating the hand work of the person, by telling him that the clothes he sews look beautiful and great. Men and women love appreciation either directly or indirectly. So by this, the talking gets easier than you expected, because the person will be bold and free enough with you to talk about his or her profession.

Thirdly, you can also use flattering words like wow! you are so beautiful or handsome, you are smart or brilliant, you have such an awesome physique and all that. You can use any of these flattering words to make talking easier.


You can start a conversation that attracts people’s interest, and what are those conversation? First, conversations that has to do with what is happening presently in the country, state or within the vicinity or community.

Secondly, you can start a conversation based on what is happening right where you are with the person. For instance, if you are in the bookshop, restaurant, shopping mall or in the market with the person, you start by talking to the person about the things you see there, how they are sold and some of them.

Thirdly, you can start a conversation based on educational system of the country and how things has turn around either negatively or positively. You can also start a conversation with a question that has to do with the person or social life in general like football, basketball, volley ball, social media, current movies, popular actors and actresses, exciting music and funny comedies.

How to talk to people is based on your personal encounter or experience in life. People usually find this very interesting to listen to and as well talk to you about theirs, because in life, everyone has gone through one experience or the other, either bitter or sweet experience.

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