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how your youth life can be the cause of your marriage problems

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Some marriages that are broken today don’t just happen but some due to the characters or the kind of life the live when they are still in their youth, which causes them the problems they are facing today in their marriage. You may be asking yourself this question “ How can my youth life be the cause of my problem?” well let look at these two problems that some marriages are facing today.youth

  1. Infertility or barrenness. This is one of the major problems that some marriages are facing today, you can bear me witness that most of the broken marriages today is caused by lack of child, but before rushing to blame your partner ask yourself this question “ is there anything I do wrong during my youth state”.
  • For men. Some men will say the doctor confirm that am okay and my wife is okay too but why can’t we have is like I will try a new woman. At this time is not all about what the doctor said is all about you telling yourself the truth spiritually. How can you expect to have a child when all you do during your youth life is to pregnant and deny a lady of been the one responsible of her pregnancy knowing fully when is you. How can you also expect to have a child after spending most of your life in hotel sleeping with different girls, receiving different causes and spirit. So you see is not all about going to hospital or what the doctor but this time is all about looking for how to spiritually clean yourself and ask for forgiveness of sins of the past for you to be free.
  • For women. Some women have done so many abortions and have taken so many drugs that will make them not to get pregnant for a while or remove their pregnant and later you expect miracle to happen, so my advice for you is this, better look for how to spiritually clean yourself too and also ask for the forgiveness of the past.
  1. Make sure you are with the right person. Most people just rush into marriage without asking or even bother to know if the person is truly made for them. Some go into marriage due to advice or recommendation the get from their friends who may not even come a good family. How can you expect to have a happy marriage when you are not been properly directed. The only thing they may be bothered to look may be their blood group and the love the have for each other at that time without thinking of future what it may cause them. let say that marriage is like a person who want to wear a shoe and wear someone one instead of his own, the person will only be comfortable if the shoe is the same size with his or her own this same is marriage, you cannot be happy or relax if you marry to the wrong person.


If you are still a youth please know that ;you need to be very careful in what you are doing because any mistake you do now may affect you tomorrow but if you have made the mistake already try to advice others not to make the same mistake.

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