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If Loving You Is Wrong Episode1

If Loving You Is Wrong Episode1


If Loving You Is Wrong ΣPISΩDΣ 1

jeѕѕιca ѕaт down qυιeтly ιn нer large ѕιттιng room in her newly acquired large mansion in LA . she was glowing in pink and black nighties , she left her newly fixed Brazilian weave falling to her waist. She placed the wine glass on a small table beside her and used her long artificial fixed nails to run through the divorce papers which her ex husband Charles Davidson had just signed that afternoon after much convιcтιon

She picked up her laptop and scrolled through to. See her net worth.

She smiled and sighed deeply , for woman of 28, she was surely rich with more than $35,000, her account and she never really worked for it. All, she did was have a rich dad , be the best fashion designer in Los Angeles and get married to stinky rich white men, make his property conjugated. then suddenly,the marriage doesn’t work, .She gets a divorce and gets a better percentage of their property, and that’s it!!

Charles Davidson was her third husband and she thought it was going to work but no! She filled a divorce the moment she caught him cheating with a client, perғecт eхcυѕe for the ғacт waѕ that she didn’t love him .

Charles had begged her with all he нad ,вυт she had her eyes on something Else.

Suddenly, the Info screen switched on and she saw her white friend Becky come ιnтo her house, Becky got to the door, she said to the screen outside the house

Becky said jokingly ” let me in bitch!!”

Jessica raised her middle finger at her and said ” Get in bitch!”

She signaled a maid who was doing some cleaning beside her to go open the door and she obliged .

Becky dropped her handbag on the floor as soon as she got into the room and slumped herself on the comfy chair.

The little white Italian maid stood bedside her and asked politely ” what can I offer you ma’am ??”

Becky ” whiskey would be just great ”

The maid smiled and left , in a minute, she came back with a bottle of whiskey and a wine glass , Becky served herself and thanked the maid who went back to her duties.

After filling her glass and taking a sip, she dropped it and tapped at Jessica.

Becky ” so Jessie, what the hell is going on with you!, I couldn’t believe when I heard you got a divorce with Charles for the third time! girl you are a piece of work!”

Jessica laughed ” yeah whatever, I just wasn’t feeling that dude! especially after her cheated on me!!”

Becky raised her brows ” ooh, but you are feeling his money aren’t you ??”

Jessica laughed and made a face ,

” yeah that’s why I’m a bad bitch!!!”

They both laughed and Becky sipped her drink and continued ” OK, so who are you going to dupe next ??”

Jessica frowned ” hey! Don’t say it like that! I’m not that bad you know ” then she smiled ” Anyways, I think I found someone, and that’s why I’m finally going down to Nigeria to settle down ”

She hurried up with her laptop to Becky’s side and showed her a picture of Jeremiah

Jessica ” his name is Jay ”

Becky gasped ” Wow! He’s so damn handsome!! and he’s sexy too ‘

Jessica licked her lips ,” yeah, he’s the CEO of the biggest fashion company in Nigeria and he wants me to work there as the head of designs, I’ll get a huge pay. Plus I’ll get to be with him!!”

Becky scoffed ” but girl, he’s got a wedding ring on, meaning he’s married ”

Jessica hissed ” who cares??, she got up and did a little show of her elegant shape , then she turned to Becky ” isn’t this enough to make him mine??”

Becky sighed in retirement ” whatever, just be careful ” then she picked up her bag,” I’m really sorry babe buh I gotta go now or I’ll be late for court, see you “.

Jessica smiled and walked Becky to the door then she went back inside, her phone bleeped, she picked it up and sighed , it was a message from her mum asking her when she was coming back to Nigeria when she would finally meet her ѕιѕтer; her step sister. She was disgusted, the thought of her mother leaving her and her all these years to a second marriage pained her, her sister whom she barely knew grow up with everything, a mother and a Father, while she grew up with nothing, except a rich father who was hardly home. She hissed and walked inside.

Jeremiah’s residence in Lekki , Lagos Nigeria

The door to Jay’s master bedroom opened, he looked up and smiled when he saw his beautiful wife Juliet come in, she gently slipped in the king bed and lay right beside him.

Jay played with her hair ” are the kids asleep??”

Juliet ” yeah “, then she groaned ” but pat, oh my gosh!, that daughter of yours!! It, was so hard to put her to sleep ”

Jay smiled ” I guess she really takes after me, he leaned over and started to kiss her but she pushed him away when she saw he was headed somewhere.

Juliet ” I’m sorry honey , not this night, I’m so damn tired from working ”

Jay frowned ” I told you to stop working ”

Juliet sighed ” Jay please don’t start, at least not this night ”

Jay sighed and looked deep into her eyes then he kissed her slightly on her cheeks.” I love you Julie ”

Juliet smiled ” Nice try, I love you too” then she kissed him ” Good night ” and turned to the other side, now he realized he had lost .

He sat up.

Jay ” honey ”

Juliet ” yes, ”

Jay “, uhm I wanted to talk about something”

Juliet yawned “go ahead ”

Jay ” it’s about our business, uhm I invited the best designer in the whole of LA, would you believe she’s a Nigerian! an she’s coming down here to work for us, her name is……”

He sighed when he realized he had been talking to himself, Juliet had long slept off and might even be in dreamland.

He kissed her forehead and tiptoed to his study, he settled down and switched on his laptop, he smiled at his wall paper, s picture of his wife and two kids, Joshua who was 5 and Patricia 3.

He decided to check on miss Jessica Donald’s profile once more

He licked his lips , for the man he was, she was surely classy , and extraordinary sexy, and attracted him ” wow! Sexy,! ” he heard himself say, and she was very attractive, perhaps, more than his wife

……………..,….. To be continued.

waтcн oυт ғor epιѕode 2

by Ijeoma ebube



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