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A lady who wants to know more about you, who have the intention to spend the rest of her in marriage with you will like to know somethings about you before concluding that you are best man for her.

The way you answer the questions will determine if she will submit her whole self to you or she should move on with her life and wait for another man who give her what she wants in a man she wants to marry. Some of those questions includes;

1) Do you have the intension to spend the rest of your life with me? She wants to know if you are thinking of getting married to her or are you just interested in relationship only.

2) When was the day you had a happiest moment in your life? She wants to know if she had once contributed to your happiness since you guys started dating.

3) If she ask you, which of your favorite love songs best describes our relationship? She wants to know if truly you are in love with her just as she is in love with you.

4) If she ask you, do you agree that I love you more than you love me? She wants you to tell her how deep you had loved her, how you had made her a special person in your heart above other ladies around.

5) When she ask you, which memories of our love story is your best which you can’t forget in a hurry? She wants you to tell her about the best places you have been together, the best outing you had been together, the day you enjoyed her unexpected kiss and hug etc.

6) When she ask you, what is your greatest dream in marriage? She wants you to tell her how you had imagined you marriage with her, how you had imagined great vacation, a Marriage of her dream and the one she can’t afford to miss.

7) When she ask you, what usually come to your mind whenever you think about me? She expects you to tell her about her irresistible charming beautiful stature, her endowment, and the way she makes love to you.

8) When she ask you, do think I’m romantic enough for you or I’m manageable? She expects you to tell her how special she is to you, how unique she is from other ladies and who you can’t do without her love.

9) If she ask you, how do you feel the first day I kissed you? She expects you to tell her how succulent her lips is, how good she is in kissing, how how romantic she is and also that you wished she will always kiss you everyday.

10) If she ask you, what is your greatest fear about marriage? Tell her is the fear of losing her to another man because of her irresistible beauty, tell her is the fear of her not becoming your Queen and the mother of your children.

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