Monday, June 12, 2023

If you don’t have something respectful to say, remain silent. – Ouso Escrever

Returning to a teaching career has been a great experience, not only because I love my students but also because I’m saying goodbye to my country, positively impacting and serving those around me.
I’ve gone through moments of profound introspection, but since yesterday I’ve been feeling a deep sadness surrounding my body and mind. Ten years have passed since my grandfather left this world, and I miss him (terribly) today.

Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing about my life, but as far as I can see/feel, I’m not starting from zero because I’ve got all those experiences inside my pocket. Confuse? Perhaps a little bit, but once in a while, it’s ok to let our minds wander to unreachable places, forests of vulnerability, rivers of hope. Why feel shame or be ashamed of our path?
Cher has a quote that says a lot about me, too: “I’ve always taken risks and never worried about what the world might think of me.”

We’re living in a time where we shall be our authentic selves, exposing our needs and wantings, not seeing our voices shut down by political artifacts or disrupted by the normative wave. I saw today on the news that people are questioning Brittney Griner’s gender because of her low voice, and I wonder where all this gender thing will take us?! Aren’t society playing with serious matters? It is disrespectful, unproductive, and fragmental. And the funny aspect of this scenario is when you bring the real explanation behind it. People want to cancel your voice.

My 7th-grade students, for example, were surprised when I explained to them the existence of a whole series of pathologies that influence and determine the development of human sexual reproductive organs. And I made it clear that we should never, at any time or under any circumstance, use them as throwing weapons to frighten and antagonize.

My message for today is: If you don’t have something respectful to say, remain silent. There is enough knowledge on books that can help to achieve a clever understanding of what humanity is and how different we all are.

With love,


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