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Indoor and Outdoor Festoon Lighting Tips For Your Parties and Weddings

You have seen the LED festoon lights more than the hundredth times in your life but you might not know its name. These lightings are known as party or string lights. They have a string on which similar lights are hanging and you can hang the two sides of the lights on two different poles or areas. 

The word ‘festoon’ means a string, garland, or wreath hanging from two points. These lights provide aesthetic appeal to any room or area, as well as pairing perfectly with any theme. The best thing about these lights is that when one bulb goes out, the rest of the string stays active and alive. Through this you do not have to change the whole string, instead, you can just change that particular bulb.

When you are planning an event whether it is an indoor event or an outdoor event, the key to the success of the look of that event depends on the lighting. If you are planning a wedding event then the main role is played by lighting and then any other decoration. If the lighting is not right, no matter how good your decoration is, it will lack everything.     This is where the festoon lighting comes into use and you can use this lighting for any event you want. Let’s take a look at some tips to add sparkle to your event.

Tips for Outdoor and Indoor Wedding Events

You can start the work without the latest festoon lighting in use and they are IP54 rated which means they can withstand all kinds of weather. When it comes to a string light set this is absolute; it means that no matter what season we are in you can be certain that you will have a prolific lighting display.

These lights are made with great flexibility and this is built-in in their design and they can be hung from any pole or body and you can increase the lighting of your event. 

Indoor and Outdoor Festoon Lighting Tips For Your Parties and Weddings

Outdoor events

Before you start using the festoon lighting in the outdoor event, you first have to see which of the other things and apparatus are still useful which can be combined with festoon lighting. Once this is done, everything is brought and placed in front of you, start the work. If you have a tree in your garden or in the area where you are having the wedding, firstly try to cover the tree with the festoon lights and then go for any other area.

The next thing which you need is to choose the colour temperature of the light whether you want a white light or a yellow one and you can match the colour according to the other décor of the area. Moreover, you can go for the dimmable vintage bulbs and you can add a warm white glow always to the entrance of the area to enhance the ambience.

If your event is in an open field then do not worry; we stock 2.4m festoon poles that are specifically designed to help you decorate the perimeter of your garden or event. Covering the outer edge is the simplest way to brighten up your event.

Some of the styles of festoon lighting are as follow:

  • Edison style bulbs 
  • Different coloured bulbs
  • Globe shaped bulbs
  • Clear bulbs
  • Frosted bulbs
  • Dimmable bulbs
  • Lantern style

Indoor Event

People usually ignore lighting up the indoor places at the time of the event because they think that the light coming from the ceiling bulbs is enough. But that light is never enough and the pictures are never good. This is why proper lights must be used. 

If you are holding an indoor event of wedding and for example, it is in the marquee, you can apply the same effects but with a different technique. You can wrap the lights around the beams of the marque or the indoor building to the top in a zigzag manner. You can use our hooks for extra safety to ensure a firm and steady installation. However, for indoor lighting, you need a large surface area to place those lights as you do not have a tree there. 

Creating a Rainbow impression

You do not need to change the strings, instead, you can simply change the bulbs and you can start creating a rainbow texture of lights. You can place that texture against the wall where it would be prominent.

Create a festoon trail

You can even create a festoon trail of lights by allowing your guests to come in with a great ambience. Moreover, you can attach these lights to anything that is present on the porch, hallway or anywhere where you are hosting the event and it would make it look great. It’s easy and simple; with connectable capability involved, you can connect multiple outdoor lighting sets from one power source. 

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