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Inexpensive Return Gifts for Weddings

Weddings are by far the most radiant and celebrated events in our country. If weddings can be said to be festivals, then, believe it or not, it would be a year-long festival. Regardless of the wedding season that bestows thousands of weddings twice a year, weddings tend to happen every month; they are just not highlighted as they are during the seasonal months. Gifts are synonymous with being at a wedding, whether you are on the guest list or the one getting hitched. They are a token of appreciation and gratitude and hence are taken quite personally.

We understand that commemorating a marriage can be a little tiring. All the preparations, arrangements, guest accommodations, and other tasks can take a toll on a person. Any assistance seems to work wonders these days. So, when it comes to showing admiration and value to your guests in the form of return gifts on wedding, let Boontoon save you time and energy. We have a dedicated list just for this.

Wooden Dry Fruit Box with Resin and Brass

A well-thought-out return gifts will not only make your guests appreciate your efforts and choice but will also make your wedding a memorable event for them. This wooden dry fruit box will do just that for you. Due to its strong build, it is bound to stick around for years, and because of the festive nature of the Indian calendar, it will have ample opportunities to showcase its class. This dry fruit box is intimately garnished with brass and raisin corners. These beauty works are entirely handcrafted, which offers a personal touch to every box.

Pooja Thali is Made of German Silver

The devotional and pooja traditions enhance all celebrations. Any pious occasion is initiated by worshipping the gods associated with the day. This makes our German silver pooja thali a promising gift for your guests. It is a perfect utilitarian gift for every Indian household. The styling of this pooja thali is inspired by year-long design traditions and elements. It is fabricated from a gleaming and exclusive metal that comprises all the essential elements needed during puja.

Soulfully Designed Hut-Shaped Coaster Set

Completely handmade and meticulously crafted, this hut-shaped coaster set represents traditional showpieces from the past and converts them into a utility element. As the name suggests, this set serves multiple purposes as a coaster set. It can either be placed on the dining table, in cabinets or near the spaces in the home where tea usually gets served. Not only is it compact, but the slight decor makes it a great piece to look at.

Round Marble Thali Clock

Inspired by the craft of traditional and culturally heavy times, this round thali clock made out of marble fuses multiple forms of art into one. This exquisite gift piece is made up of pottery, textiles, and electronic works. As the name suggests, this is made completely out of marble. The decorative elements accentuate the diamond patterns on the outer brims and the inner circle of the plate. The clock is stacked in the middle. It can either be hung on a wall or set up against a strong back support. Not only is it an apt design for homes, but it also suits office spaces.

Beautifully Serving Tray Made Up of Wood

With a growing fondness for minimalism and aesthetics, this serving tray is bound to be welcomed in every house’s kitchen. The mystical dark brown hue of the tray makes the plain design even more appealing. This is a simple yet sophisticated rectangular hand tray that is strictly made for its aesthetic purposes and long-lasting daily use.

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